Web Summit 2024 | Terminus Group announces technological-driven human-centric habitat solution “SPACE” to promote future cities sustainable and innovative development

Terminus Group announced technology-driven human-centric habitat solution "SPACE" by Victor AI, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, in his presentation "AI CITY: The Next Habitat on Earth" on the main stage at Web Summit Qatar 2024.


Victor AI believes human beings have always been using technologies to find next habitat, and more companies, including Terminus Group, are now joining in the journey to help promote a more sustainable and innovative living environment for human well-beings by advanced technologies.



Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, announced technology-driven human-centric habitat solution "SPACE" on main stage at Web Summit Qatar


Terminus Group's technology-driven human-centric habitat solution "SPACE" is contained of five sectors: Sustainable, Perceptible, Autonomous, Customized, and Energetic. Each sector deeply integrates the products and solutions created by the company, to promote the green and innovative development of habitat on earth.


Sustainable: Fully adopting Terminus Group's energy management solution, building's operating system and products, and timely analysis of energy consumption by AI algorithms, to achieve cities energy consumption accurate prediction and reduce carbon emissions, promoting clean energy transition and utilization and ensuring long-term healthy development of human habitat.


Perceptible: Based on AIoT technology, various scenarios in cities will be enabled with perceptible capabilities. Terminus AI CITY operating system TacOS can connect various digital AIoT applications and end-to-end devices, achieving real-time processing of digital information with multi-task scheduling in cities' cross scenarios interaction for human requirement - people no longer need to work hard to adapt and integrate into the environment they live in, and the city will be able to perceive and adapt to people's needs.


Autonomous: Based on AIoT multimodal LLMs developed by Terminus Group, cities can be able to learn user's habits with professional knowledge, provide automated services based on user's timely reactions, and autonomously adjust area's air conditioning and lighting according to personnel density and flow speed, greatly improving management efficiency automatically. Terminus Group's autonomous robots can assist accidents' management, and the company's Chatbot could become people's living assistant.


Customized: To achieve high-quality of experiences (QoE) and improve User Satisfaction Ratio (USR), Terminus Group proposed a multi-level network architecture that consists of a multi-functional node (mNode) and an integrated heterogeneous system, to address the specific needs of different Service Requirement Zone (SRZ), improving future cities to be able to provide customized services for each user. Terminus Group's Moss, an AI assistant, could offer tailor-made services for users and provide required the marginalized needs of vulnerable groups.


Energetic: Based on the four features and capabilities: sustainable, perceptible, autonomous, and customized, people will be able to embrace and enjoy a more energetic, innovative, and greener exciting lifestyle in future cities.




Victor AI further explained how the key to the implementation of the "SPACE" concept lies in the deep integration of AI and IoT technology. Based on the deep understanding of the Earth for human habitat and a comprehensive exploration of future cities' needs, Terminus Group has developed a full stack of AIoT products and solutions integrating hardware, system, model, application, and devices layers, and proposed a technical path to promote the deep implementation of LLMs in urban scenarios through multimodal LLMs and systems. For vertical scenarios in cities such as energy, construction, transportation, and finance, Terminus Group has deeply integrated LLMs technology with its city-level operating system to create a 1+N multimodal large model product system with AIoT capabilities. The related products with "SPACE" concept had been applied in various global smart industrial park projects and national green transition and innovative future cities development, such as in AI Cities in Chongqing, Wuhan and Deyang.




Terminus Group Wuhan AI CITY


Taking Terminus Group's Wuhan AI CITY as an example, in terms of sustainability, it utilizes spaces such as squares and building roofs to build a distributed photovoltaic power generation system, providing grid connected supporting equipment and configuring energy storage systems to improve the consumption level of photovoltaic power generation, meet the power supply of charging piles, lighting, and other equipment, and has achieved partial replacement of clean electricity. Meanwhile, Terminus Group implemented its self-developed low-carbon smart product system, such as OriginSYS architecture automation System, sensing equipment, energy router, and carbon management platform, throughout the industrial park. The system can collect, store, analyze, query, and manage information of energy consumption, low-voltage power grid distribution, and equipment operation, achieving equipment sustainable management, remote switching, and fault handling in real-time, and significantly improving energy utilization efficiency.


In terms of automation and perception, based on the architecture of cloud and edge integration, Wuhan AI CITY has achieved dynamic resource allocation and intelligent task scheduling. The cloud can perform real-time calculations and reasoning based on the information collected by perception devices. Lighting, ventilation, and other systems can automatically adjust according to the flow of people and temperature and humidity conditions in the area, further improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and risks, and making the environment more livable.


In terms of customization, Wuhan AI CITY utilizes a multi-level network intelligence architecture in conjunction with AI assistants, enabling users needs to be fully realized. Especially for elderly, teenagers, and people with disabilities can find the most suitable service in Wuhan AI CITY according to their own needs.


Since its operation for over a year, Wuhan AI CITY has attracted nearly 30 companies to settle in, with over 80% being technological enterprises. Based on its sustainable, perceptible, autonomous, customized, and energetic capabilities, it has become a new high-tech industrial highland and talent gathering aggregation in the nation.


Following the recent Terminus International Headquarters inauguration in the city of Dubai, the company looks forward to further promoting the implementation of technology-driven human-centric habitat solution "SPACE globally, and improving a greener and more innovative the future living environment.



Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, is in Terminus International Headquarters

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