Official launch of 'Opti' the robot Worldwide - Terminus Group and Expo 2020 Dubai

On August 10, Terminus Group and Expo 2020 Dubai launched Opti, one of the official mascots for Expo 2020.

Terminus Group is an Official Premier Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai. The AIoT-powered robot Opti, designed and developed by Terminus Group, will improve visitors' experience along with more than 150 programmable robots deployed by the company during the six-month-long mega-event.


(Opti, one of the Expo 2020 official mascots)

"It is indeed a great pleasure for us to be an Official Premier Partner of Expo 2020, and provide smart technology services for visitors, therefore sharing the same vision of exploring the boundaries of artificial intelligence"- said Victor AI, founder and CEO of Terminus Group. "Our robots are capable in various functions, such as contactless delivery, advice, guiding, all-inclusive mobile services, outdoor services, and 24/7 emergency alarm capabilities."


(Victor AI, founder and CEO of Terminus Group)

Terminus Group was founded in 2015 by Victor AI. Even since, the company has been focusing on Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and deploying AI CITIES worldwide,  and became the world-leading smart service provider.  In 2020, Terminus Group became an Official Premier Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai.


(Mohammed AlHashmi, Chief Technology Officer, Expo 2020 Dubai)

Mohammed AlHashmi, Chief Technology Officer, Expo 2020 Dubai, said: "Expo 2020 will be an unparalleled platform to showcase the capabilities of innovative technology. We consider Terminus Group to be a valuable partner in the field of smart technologies, robotics, and AI-enabled IoT applications. Our collaboration demonstrates the potential of smart applications in the robotics sector, while also building a firm foundation for District 2020, which is set to become a centre of technological innovation."

"We are thrilled to announce that Terminus Group signed the premier partnership with Expo and other technology-focused partners. Our ambition is to further explore the area of smart spaces, and to redefine the concept of future cities with our leading Robotics, AI and IoT technology"- said Victor AI.

Moreover, Terminus Group also signed a long-term lease in District 2020, the innovation hub that will utilise more than 80 per cent of Expo-built structures post-event. Terminus Group will jointly develop the area and help Dubai to become an industry-leading technological hub. Following this vision, Terminus Group will set up its first overseas headquarters in Dubai.

Expo 2020, the largest event ever held in the Arab World, will welcome millions of visitors, as well as more than 200 international participants, including 191 countries, local companies, and multinationals. The event will take place over the course of six months, from October 1st 2021 to March 31st 2022.


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