Robots-Expo 2020 Dubai's Latest 'partner' is the Brilliant Example of Terminus Group's Smart Service Capabilities

Recently, Expo 2020 Dubai announced Terminus Group as its Official Robotics Partner. Mohammed Al Hashmi, CTO of Expo 2020 Dubai disclosed that more than 150 smart robots will be deployed at the Expo. 

For this collaboration, Victor Ai, Founder, and CEO of Terminus Group, commented: ”We have been committing to the intersection of science, engineering, and technology, which empowered Terminus Group’s Robots with world-leading interactive computing. Undoubtedly, Terminus Group is a prior choice for any group requiring high-quality robotics products”.

Together with Opti, the mascot robot designed by Terminus Group exclusively for the purposes of the Expo 2020 Dubai event, the robots will interact with the visitors from all around the world by offering diverse multi-modal interactions, 5G network connectivity, AI mapping and object detection. 

The robots will be able to provide services such as greeting, interactions with the visitors, guidance services, and catering.

Robots as the service-oriented implementation of AIoT Technologies

Smart robots providing services at the Expo are just a tip of the iceberg compared with the overall scope of solutions provided by the company - and for the event. What Terminus Group is truly going to demonstrate at the Expo is its comprehensive smart solutions system. 

The robots, being the part of Terminus Group’s smart solutions, play two major roles in the whole ecosystem: first, they are mobile service centers which improve the management and the service of the Expo area by providing environment observation, security assistance, distribution of the materials, and catering services. Second, they are terminals connected with the robot management platform (RMS) and fully demonstrate Terminus Group’s understanding of the entire venue of Expo 2020 Dubai. 

This will subsequently help establish the full interaction between the venue and the visitors, provide the highest-quality interactive services, facilitate the operations and the overall management of the site, and therefore enhance the venue with more people-friendly ecosystem.

All the services and digital solutions provided for the Expo are a result of Terminus Group’s matured AIoT technologies and the company’s accumulated experience in the AIoT industry over the years.

The company has gone through three stages of refining its technological solutions. 

Stage I: centered around the company's smart products and its goal of creating smart cities based on the company’s AI City 1.0 strategy: upgrades of edge computing products, smart electronic consumer products, and smart robot lines to deploy solutions for smart sites. 

Stage II: focused mostly on cloud and computing solutions: connecting smart sites and enabling the smart transformation and smooth transition between various business scenarios as well as entire industries, so as to improve the efficiency and sustainability in sectors such as smart community services, smart energy management, smart retail, and so forth. 

Stage III: through in-depth cooperation with the cities'authorities, Terminus Group builds new digital cities, new districts, and creates brand new urban city models, as well as becoming the cities'ambassador. In the future, Terminus Group plans to build-up a fully digital connection across several city-level projects and establish a global AI CITY network.

From serving some to serving all: The evolution of Terminus Group’s smart service capabilities

The prime mission of Terminus Group's smart robots at Expo 2020 Dubai is to meet the highest standards of service provided to the visitors and make the event an unforgettable experience for everyone. 

Moreover, the company firmly believes that its offered smart service solutions reach far beyond what has been described. As a fast-growing world-class AIoT company, Terminus Group has its own unique understanding of the management of particular facilities, providing digital solutions that constantly grow and evolve alongside the development of smart terminals, edge technologies, and cloud computing services. 

The solutions adopt an object-oriented, scene-oriented, and industry-oriented perspective, with the AI and the Internet of Things being their cornerstones.

This idea of ‘constant evolution’ behind Terminus Group’s philosophy is reflected in the ever-growing development of Terminus Group’s services and its adaptation to diverse business demands of urban life: from smart communities that meet peoples’ needs to smart energy management, smart fire protection systems, smart fire prevention and smart upgrades of the traditional retail industry. 

Terminus Group started its smart services by solving existing problems and has gradually become the driving force for the smart transformation of what we know as traditional industries existing today. 

Furthermore, depending on the foresight derived from comprehensive computing processing, the company is fully capable of creating entirely new use-cases for its proposed solutions.

For instance, the visual management module developed by Terminus Group, known as ‘Mapping’, is capable of collecting and presenting the information about cultural relics, museum environment and other facilities in a digital format, and therefore conduct automatic analyses of external environment in key areas and help staff monitors the venue.

With the help of Terminus Group's ‘mapping’, it is no longer necessary for the venues to hire more staff in the areas that are rarely visited. 

Instead, high-precision facilities managing building temperature, humidity, illuminance, and electricity consumption in real-time will be deployed, significantly increasing the management efficiency of the whole object as a result. 

Once any hidden safety risk is detected, for instance, gas, fire, electrical circuits damage or water leaks, the museum and its collections will be well protected even in case of shortages of manpower. 

In addition, with the support of blockchain technology, Terminus Group also helps museums achieve blockchain authentication for cultural relics. 

In terms of online services offered, Terminus Group’s solutions are a part of the whole life cycle of cultural relics, including their market circulation, traceability, storage, processing of the auctions and transactions, financing guarantees, IP commercial development, and so forth. 

The company stays way ahead of the curve with creating and expanding its holistic derivative system for digital cultural relics and museums, truly bringing cultural relics alive for the very first time.

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