Terminus Group's Smart Parking helps Upgrade Traditional Commercial Districts Services

Terminus Group, the world's prominent AI CITY and smart service provider, has recently announced its latest smart parking solution. Fully depending on its own strategic pillar technologies, consisting of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), Terminus Group's lately released smart parking solution is specifically designed to address and ease the common issues of traditional commercial districts in the cities, such as high labour costs, low management efficiency, long waiting time for the vehicles to access the premises, overly complicated and confusing payment processes, and so forth.

With a unified platform, Terminus Group has been able to fully integrate multiple processes at parking lots within traditional commercial districts, including registration plate recognition and guiding processes for the vehicles entering the buildings, parking lot management and services, parking fees collection, automatic errors’ correction, and managing pending requests for the equipment repairs, to mention just a few. The centralized parking management provides substantial and unparalleled convenience for the vehicles entering the parking lots and other commercial spots around the city. Under the "Full-Time Central Control Centre" created by Terminus Group, the management of commercial parking lots is now able to easily track and measure the time of entry and exit of the vehicles, track the routes and distances covered by the vehicles, and spot all sorts of abnormal road behaviours, resulting in early-warning systems launching the alarms. Furthermore, parking fee collections are also made available through the real-time interactive large screens. These proposed solutions will help parking lot operators improve their services in five crucial dimensions: intelligent analysis, early warning systems, operation management, and financial management.

The solution has been proven successful in many parking lots so far. According to the research conducted by Terminus Group, after having applied unmanned guard posts at the front and back entrances of the buildings, as well as using multi-project coordination at the mid-end of the management process (reducing manual verification errors) and refined operations at the back-end of the overall process, a single parking lot could see its rotation capacity increase by 10% and the profit improved by more than 80% in total.

Terminus Group is a prominent global AI CITY developer and innovator and has provided more than 8000 AI City and smart service solutions in different cities around the world so far. Terminus Group’s products and services include but are not limited to smart scene services, cloud platforms, edge networks, terminal products, and many more.

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