Terminus Group: Leader of The Future AIoT Technologies

On July 2, Expo 2020 Dubai announced Terminus Group, a global leader in smart technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics as its latest Official Premier Partner. As Expo 2020 Dubai’s Official Premier Partner, Terminus Group will deploy more than 150 programmable robots – including Opti, one of the Expo 2020 mascots – to interact with visitors during the six-month event.

For this collaboration, Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, commented: ”As the world’s prominent AI CITY and smart solution provider, Terminus Group has been committing to building up the global AI CITY network and we have the ability to evolve the ecosystem of future technologies”.

Terminus Group included, Expo 2020 Dubai has announced 12 Premier Partners to date, with the technology-focused companies accounting for more than a half of its partners. The only chosen companies are those of global recognition as well as offering the most comprehensive and forward-thinking solutions currently available at the market.

The partners include:

Accenture: the multinational professional services company offering diverse digital services and systems’ integration,

Cisco: the worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions,

SAP: the multinational software corporation offering enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations,

Siemens: the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, supporting in digitalization of the infrastructure, and Terminus Group.

As the only Robotics Partner providing AIoT powered robotics solutions fitted with cutting-edge AIoT technologies, Terminus Group has opened a new door to its tech, on the world stage. Unlike the previously announced four tech partners offering infrastructure and virtual working architecture, Terminus Group will directly enable the communication with the visitors by deploying its robotics solutions and making the technology both visible and interactive elements of the Expo 2020 visitor experience.

Reportedly, as Expo 2020 Dubai’s Official Robotics Partner, Terminus Group will deploy more than 150 programable robots. At the 438-hectare site, robots will be not only greeting the visitors but also offering information and guidance services at each road junction, as well as all the key areas of the district.

If you happen to get lost or lose your way to the destination pavilions, the robots will show you the right direction. While queuing up under the hot sun, it will be the robots’ role to deliver you cool beverages. When you suddenly get confused among a variety of wonderful performances and shows, the robots will provide you with the exhibition pamphlets and remind you of the program’s schedules on the big screen right above your head, and all of that within a blink of an eye!

More importantly, the robots will also act as volunteers to improve the security and the environmental management of crowded district, as well as help improve the efficiency of the distribution of promotional materials, better the visitors’ experience and so forth, doing what Terminus Group does best – using its AIoT technologies to connect individuals and establish connections between the individuals and the environment by providing accurate and fully-automated smart solutions.

As an important part of the smart solutions provided by Terminus Group, a smart robots will play a crucial role in its AI CITY development. All of the aforementioned devices will be connected and integrated into more than 8,400 smart solutions already deployed by Terminus Group in multiple venues. Consequently, robots placed in smart solutions will evolve into the real world much more than before. The robots became the autonomous nodes, an important part of a much more comprehensive digital network.

In addition, the robot management platform (RMS) will enable huge district’s operators to better operate the entire venue. That way, it will be perfectly possible to continuously adjust and improve the overall quality of the services. Based on the service and assistance of Terminus Group's robots, both the deployment of the technologies and user experience can be achieved and better integrated into the holistic idea of any districts valuing visitors' experience.

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