Terminus cooperates with Pakistani PCML to foster green and innovation industrial development

On the occasion of the high-level Pakistani delegation’s visit to China led by the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Terminus International (hereinafter referred to as “Terminus”) reaches a strategic partnership with PCM Developers Limited (referred as “PCML”), enabling industrial parks, digitalizing green and urban transitional solutions for Chemical, Mineral, Textile and Automobile Zones in PCML’s export processing zone Karachi Pakistan, aiming to foster the innovation and digital economy development. The  agreement was in the presence of Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef, Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar, Federal Minister of Finance and Revenue Muhammad Aurangzeb, Federal Minister of Commerce Jam Kamal Khan, Federal Minister for Privatisation Aleem Khan, and Federal Minister of Energy Dr. Musadiq Malik.



Jai Kumar (L), the CEO of PCML, Pakistan signing MoU with Dr. Ling Shao (R), the President of Terminus International and the Chief Scientist of Terminus Group


The visit marks Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s first official visit to China since he started his second term as prime minister in March. The advanced Pakistani delegation includes business leaders in the fields of information technology, energy, agriculture, and mining. Shehbaz and his delegation plans to meet the leadership and top business companies in innovation and high-tech sectors to further enhance cooperation in science and technology, innovation, and economic trade.


Terminus will enable the customized domain industrial models, develop the latest AIoT-based LLMs-System-Integration technologies and solutions, provide system architecture, hardware, and software requirements, and promote renewable energy integration to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability to the art complexes according to international standards.



Terminus reaches a strategic partnership with PCML, Pakistan


As the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, Terminus Group established its international headquarters located in UAE earlier this year, and has provided its AIoT-powered technologies and solutions such as robotics, AI CITY, and LLMs to enable green and digital industrial and future cities development in Asia, Middle East and Africa,  providing a new paradigm for urban green and digital economic development and demonstrating the company's inevitable expansion of business and comprehensive upgrade of technologies internationally.


Dr. Ling Shao, the President of Terminus International and the Chief Scientist of Terminus Group, said that the company is looking forward to working together with ecological partners to create the most innovative, dynamic, inclusive and sustainable industry locally and globally.

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