Terminus Group AIoT technology to enable Baoshan City sustainable digitalization development

Terminus Group, a leading provider of AIoT and smart city solutions in Asia, has engaged in the digitalization development of the city of Baoshan, Yunnan Province, through its proprietary AIoT and AI City technologies. The project includes the provision of AIoT hardware, such as fiber optic cable poles, transmission backend equipment, computer room environments, network channels, as well as system technical services - from design to operation and maintenance.

Taking AIoT hardware as the entry point, Terminus Group's mandate is to upgrade Baoshan's Longling County's communication infrastructure, enabling high-quality communication services to the nation's South-Western region. This will be done through sustainable engineering transformation and intelligent upgrading, with the outcome of the project set to offer immediate improvements to emergency services response capacity and develop a three-dimensional prevention and management system of the region.



Baoshan City

Located in Yunnan Province, the city and wider region of Baoshan is a key trading link for the nation into South East Asia and onwards to various countries in Western Asia and Europe.

With abundant reserves of lignite and geothermal resources, Baoshan City has previously stated a commitment to developing a "comprehensive, efficient, practical, intelligent, sustainable, safe and reliable new infrastructure system," as well as accelerating the development of information infrastructure, promoting the co-construction of transportation services and networks, logistics, water conservation, energy, and information networks. In doing so, the city is positioning to unleash both its development potential and boost trade links with neighboring countries and the wider international community.

Commenting on the company's latest sustainable digital development project, Victor Ai, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, said: "Digitalization is a cornerstone for promoting future economic development and is also a driving force for promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading.

"As a leading company in the urban AIoT industry, Terminus Group has long been committed to promoting the integration and innovation that both AI and IoT technologies can bring to smart or AI City developments. By working with a wide range of ecologically-minded partners, we are seeing a rapid uptake in city-wide digitalization, so as to meet the need of the world's future urban and industrial demands."

Core to Terminus Group's offering is its proprietary, AIoT-based integrated software and hardware, which operates across a five-tier technical platform. They are: CityIoT, CityOS (or Terminus AI CITY Operating System – TacOS), CityAI, CityAPP, and CityStudio. The roll out of these solutions has seen Terminus Group implement similar city-wide upgrades and new innovations across 9,000 projects, globally.

Terminus Group will take the Baoshan Longling County digitalization project as a key opportunity to further accelerate and apply its innovative research and AIoT technology development, which it hopes will play an active part in the growth and development of the industrial internet, new energy, and smart tourism. All of which, when integrated into the wider development being seen across Yunnan Province, is a clear signal that the nation’s South-West region is keeping pace with innovation and development levels across the country and will help to support sustainable, digital and economic development across the Yunnan and wider region.

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