Terminus Group AIoT solutions highly recognized by ecosystem partners in ME

On the occasion of the inauguration of Terminus International Headquarters, Victor AI, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, discussed the digital economy and green and innovative development with H.E. Abdulla Al Saleh, the Under Secretary of the Foreign Trade and Industry at the UAE Ministry of Economy, and Rashid Mohammed, CTO of Expo City, in Dubai, UAE.


H.E. Abdulla Al Saleh, the Under Secretary of the Foreign Trade and Industry at the UAE Ministry of Economy, congratulated the inauguration of Terminus International Headquarters, and indicated that the economic and trade relations between UAE and China in investment, energy, and technology have been deepening and achieved remarkable results. UAE attaches great importance to the development of the digital economy industry and is well aware that enterprises with international background are our important partners. He expects Terminus to actively participate in the digital transformation and future cities' development in the UAE, and looks forward to working with the company to create the most innovative solutions.



H.E. Abdulla Al Saleh (L), the Under Secretary of the Foreign Trade and Industry at the UAE Ministry of Economy, met with Victor AI (R), Founder and CEO of Terminus Group


Rashid Mohammed, CTO of Expo City, expressed that he was pleased to have partnered with Terminus Group to promote the green and innovation development of Expo City. What Terminus brought to Expo 2020 Dubai was beyond expectations, showcasing the world's frontier technologies to global visitors, businesses, and international authorities. He hopes the inauguration of Terminus International Headquarters will bring the company's latest technologies including AIoT, robotics, and AI CITY solutions, to the innovative hub, enabling the sustainable and smart livability of Expo City for citizens, residents, and workers internationally. Furthermore, he hopes it will strengthen the digital transformation in Dubai and create a green and futuristic urban livable environment across the Middle East region.



Rashid Mohammed (L), CTO of Expo City, met with Victor AI (R), Founder and CEO of Terminus Group


Victor AI, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, said "Expo 2020 Dubai and its legacy, Expo City, has been a vital platform for Terminus Group to implement our technologies in various industrial scenarios overseas. We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support we have received from the Expo's leadership team. As the world's AIoT solutions provider and prominent AI CITY promoter, Terminus Group has committed to improving the global sustainable and smart cities network. We are aiming to explore business and enhance R&D capabilities from our international HQ in Dubai, evolving frontier technologies and digital and economic ecosystem in the Middle East region and internationally".


To promote sustainable and digital development via technologies for Middle East is one of the company's major strategies. Terminus Group has drawn great attention as it offered AIoT technologies to the region and enabled smart optimization of the global mega event Expo 2020 Dubai and the new freezone destination Expo City Dubai.


In 2020, Terminus Group was the only Official Premier Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai from China, provided more than 150 AIoT-enabled smart robots and brought smart cities technologies to the six-month event, serving nearly 30 million international visits and more than 100 country leaders. In 2022, as one of the key partners, Terminus Group were confirmed to be the first 'anchor tenants' in Expo City Dubai, to work with world renowned enterprises and authorities, industry, and academics, helping enable the city's innovative hub to become the global leading smart operation and management benchmark and promote the sustainable and digital development for the Middle East region. In 2024, Terminus Group officially inaugurated its international headquarters: Terminus International, which is located at the heart of Expo City Dubai. The company's continued presence in UAE will certainly allow it to provide customers with cutting-edge technologies and resources, improving sustainable smart operations and function as an important bridge "connecting the East and West."



Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group


With exploring advanced technologies and opening up international cooperation, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, Terminus Group, has been enabling digital innovation with ecological partners in Middle East and gained highly recognition internationally.


Terminus Group has heavily facilitated the process of green and smart transformation for cities and industries in Middle East. Terminus Group and Injazat had reached a strategic partnership on sustainable digital transformation for industries across Middle East region. Investcorp, the internationally renowned investment institution, had announced the formal completion of its investment in Terminus Group. The company cooperated with Talabat Group, to jointly solve the "last mile" of food delivery in Middle East using its smart robots. Terminus Group joined hands with Emirates providing mobile self check-in solution for global travelers. The company undertook the smart upgrading project of the "House of Wisdom" at Sharjah Library and Cultural Center (UAE), and worked closely with the Louvre in Abu Dhabi to host the forum of "New Forces of Art".


Terminus Group has kept exploring global market and strengthening international strategic development, providing a new paradigm for the green and smart development of cities with ecological partners across the globe. The company having set new relationships in MENA region, Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe, aiming to enable international green and digital economic development and improve the well-being of mankind.

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