Terminus Group AIoT-based technology boost AI CITY sustainable implementation and expansion

Promoting a digital economy and green development will be strengthened by further integration of AIoT-based technology and is, arguably, the gateway key for the success of digitalization and sustainable urbanization of future cities. To this end, Terminus Group has placed R&D and its AI CITY concept central to the ongoing development of its proprietary AIoT technology. This can be seen most obviously in the AI Cities the company is currently developing in Chongqing, Deyang, Wuhan, and Tianjin. All of which demonstrate not only the feasibility of TacOS 3.0 and AIoT technology frameworks work seamlessly, but that this architecture is the future of future cities' development.

Chongqing AI CITY: A model of refined urban management with AIoT technology central to achieving the goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Chongqing AI CITY is the first integrated smart city development by Terminus Group and the flagship for implementing its TacOS+AIoT technology framework. The first phase, Project AI PARK ("Cloud Valley"), has been in trial operations since the end of April 2021. With a series of smart devices deployed around the city, including smart screens, smart robots, smart door systems, smart fitness equipment, smart trash cans, and even smart runways, these smart devices have been stress-testing the upload of demand information generated by multiple city-level scenarios, which link to an AIoT operating system, TacOS, while in the process of interacting with people.

With the latest upgrade in the form of TacOS 3.0 now available, further enhancements to the OS will allow more detailed and cross-functional analysis of the collected digital information, based on Terminus Group's proprietary AI algorithm, formulating corresponding plans, and adjusting respective cloud services to suit the individual more conveniently and effectively. Based on the learning ability of artificial intelligence, TacOS is continually learning and adapting to the needs and demands of Cloud Valley inhabitants and is now positioned to achieve its own iteration, within the development of the city.

Sichuan Deyang AI CITY: Promoting AI Industry R&D through support of SMEs and talent development

Data, computing capacity, and algorithm modules have long been regarded as the key components of AI development for the inevitable migration and management of industrial digital transformation. Here, the Terminus Group AI Computing Centre (AICC), located at Deyang AI CITY Park, has become a key highlight and dynamic contributor to the future of Industry 4.0 (4IR).

With the establishment of the AICC, a clear platform for driving collaboration between educational institutions and the AI industry and bridging the gap between the developing technical know-how and upskilling the startups and SMEs has been created. This is a much-needed catalyst for the acceleration of innovation and subsequent adoption of the new technologies across industry verticals around the world.

AICC offer the help of AI for students to conduct their own practical application of this knowledge, according to the needs of industry – rather than develop technology within a kind of academic "bubble." The alignment of industrial AI applications with academic research clearly signals Terminus Group's ambition to not only remain at the forefront of R&D in the sector, but to develop AI within a practical context that supports the startup and SME industry space – traditionally, sectors where AI-enabled or enabling tech was prohibitively out of reach due to access of financial ability.

When fully realized, the AICC project will have established a steady and sustainable, low-threshold AI framework that can be utilized by various enterprises for jointly accelerating the number of active AI developments, as well as continuously improving the quality of output in the AI field.


Wuhan AI CITY: Enabling a low-carbon green smart city with AIoT technology

At Terminus Group's Wuhan AI CITY, the focus lies firmly in tackling smart energy and other low carbon-related tech, with the health sector, AI, the Internet of Things, and new energy some of the leading fields of development to be explored. Its intention: To enable the industry chain of platform+R&D+application to support green and sustainable upgrades of smart industry parks.

Terminus Group's OriginSYS smart system is one such example of new technology that addresses the HVAC sector. This covers a wide range of applications from air conditioning systems, fresh air systems, as well as cooling and heating source systems, air supply and exhaust, water supply and drainage, power supply and distribution, lighting and others. By addressing some of the core energy-reliant applications of a modern urban infrastructure, the optimization of energy consumption and promotion of efficient low-carbon smart areas is core to Terminus Group's sustainable smart city development.

Through AI algorithms, OriginSYS can automatically adjust the supply of cold and heat sources according to the actual and respective demand, thereby achieving more optimal management and energy consumption distribution – from a home, to a building, an airport and even a city.

In addition to HVAC tech, Terminus Group Wuhan AI CITY is also developing a 55kWp distributed photovoltaic power generation system and related grid connected facilities. The system makes full use of the areas designated as parking lots with photovoltaic modules deployed in synergy with the built environment.

Charging stations are designed with multiple DC charging posts and energy storage batteries will meet the power supply and distribution at the charging posts, as well as lighting or display equipment. In addition to the use of charging piles, the excess power generated by photovoltaic power is directly incorporated into the DC distribution system.

In addition, Terminus Group will participate in the smart and green development plans in the city of Tianjin, thereby strengthening cooperation between new urban digitalization and advanced manufacturing. This is envisaged to provide industrial and capital advantages that will boost the construction of a new development pattern of smart manufacturing and drive the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

Commenting on the various aims and ambitions of each of its uniquely purposed, AI CITY developments, Victor AI, Terminus Group Founder and CEO, said: "With the inevitable move towards digital transformation, virtual and physical connections in the world will become more integrated in the future.

 "The need to create and optimize city-level operating systems is a logical step for managing and achieving the overall harmonious and sustainable development of smart cities, as well as being more relevant, more responsive and customized to be more user-centric.

 "Commercializing to develop products, enhancing computing and algorithm capabilities, and improving efficiency, are important for companies. However, it is equally important to work together with ecological partners, to identify the timing and window of opportunity. Companies need to be aware that their own actions should be in concert with the wider development of more applicable, localized and sustainable services that fully guarantee cross-border smart and personalized end-to-end user experience, in smart cities. Therefore, the founding mission of Terminus Group to be an AI CITY developer has never changed: To create partnerships based on mutually-shared ambitions to apply AIoT-based technologies that enable human beings to live a smarter and sustainable life style – and in doing so promote greener cities and more synergetic digital and ecological development."

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