Morning sunbeams stretch slowly over a city silhouette, as the light reaches out into every corner of this Terminus Group’s AI CITY. The residential roads are bordered by lush greenery as dewdrops slide from the highest tree leaves down onto solar panel laden rooftops, then to their final resting place in the grass. There is a heartbeat - not just within the surrounding nature - but within the structures themselves. As the dewdrops fall, the solar panels adjust themselves, ever so slightly, so water can slide into the gutters and reach the plants below. As sunlight hits the houses, bedroom windows adjust their opacity to allow the natural light to wake sleepy residents. The power system in all buildings is scientifically regulated and controlled by Terminus Group's smart building solution. Once the light has filled the room, an AI virtual housekeeper named Titan selects your breakfast, matches your outfit with the weather, and presents a full schedule of your day using Terminus Group’s smart transportation solution. After breakfast, you step into your intelligent, fully-automated vehicle, and begin your intercity commute cities browsing global market news - recommended by an algorithm, of course!

By 2025, the world is projected to have roughly 75 billion internet-enabled devices. This system of devices, better known as the Internet of Things, will lead to immense quantities. This will help reveal problems, but not solutions. Terminus Group is using AloT to provide the technology to improve lives around the world.

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