Terminus Group green and smart technologies promotes industrial parks digital management and low-carbon and economy development

2024 International Zero Carbon Cities and Villages and Zero Carbon Buildings Conference & Technology and Equipment Expo has been held recently. Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, joined hands with CSC Jiuhe Group and Vanke to display the green and smart project “NEXUS” on the Expo, showcasing low-carbon and AIoT technologies to the visits.



NEXUS achieves smart and low-carbon operation as applying Terminus’ AIoT-based technologies and energy management solutions


As the low carbon and smart upgrade partner, Terminus Group provides AIoT-based digital twinning smart operation system, digital platforms, energy management solution, smart parking solution, and LLMs technologies for NEXUS, improving urban spaces green and digital upgrade and communities and industrial parks management efficiency. With the implementation of Terminus’ advanced low carbon and smart technologies, NEXUS has became one of the first batch citywide human-centric low-carbon demonstration projects and has been selected as one of the national major R&D technology demonstration projects.


Located in Jiading District, Shanghai, the NEXUS project covers approximately 580,000 square meters area, aiming to become a low-carbon and sustainable development space via green and smart comprehensive technology. With four major public spaces as the core, the area includes cultural, artistic, leisure, sports and other urban scenarios, connects humanistic atmosphere with nature and sustainable urban environment, and becomes a dynamic panoramic green and smart miniature industrial space. It will achieve an overall carbon reduction of 32%, a carbon reduction of 40% in the core spaces, and an annual carbon reduction of 5,052 tons, equivalent to the carbon reduction contribution of 250,000 trees. While improving energy utilization efficiency, the area will also enhance its energy safety and promote economy development in the future.


By deploying Terminus’ software and hardware integrated solutions, architectures in the NEXUS project’s area can achieve smart automatic operation of air conditioning, lighting, ventilation and other functions. For example, when the indoor temperature is below 18 degrees Celsius, the system will conduct a temperature adjustment mode as closing the windows and turning on the heating of fresh air and air conditioning. Terminus’ system can collect real-time multidimensional digital information on seasonal time, park space, and internal and external environments, and form management strategies through machine learning to IoT devices flexible management, achieving a green, comfortable, and economical living and office environment. Through the energy management system provided by Terminus, the area’s energy digital information can be timely collected,  achieving energy-consuming automatic adjustment and flexible management and improving energy usage stability.


As for promoting industrial parks smart operation in NEXUS, by applying Terminus’ AIoT-based industrial parks domain model and solutions, managers can timely oversee business operating situation and market demands and trends via operating system, which can analyze operational digital information of shops and rental housing, continuously improving the resource and industrial supports for the area by optimizing and adjusting business formats. The solution can also report events situation automatically, achieve early warning, and analyze vehicle occupation and entrance/exit congestion, etc., provides suggestions for industrial spaces and property management, and enables standardized and sustainable operation.


As for community management, combined with digital analysis, Terminus provides more personalized and smarter services and management methods for the NEXUS area’s managers, promotes real-time synchronization of information for property services and owners, improves public operation and humanistic environment, and creates a more comfortable and safe living environment for residents. For example, as applying Terminus’ AIoT technology platform, the community would reduce its potential risks level, including  injuries, accidents, and vulnerable groups safety problems, etc,. automatically conduct safety warnings, and enhance environmental safety quality and people’s happiness experiences.


At present, four major public spaces in NEXUS demonstration area have been gradually opened and are highly welcomed by the market. In the future, Terminus Group will further improve NEXUS’s low-carbon and smart management development by implementing its energy domain model and smart industrial model, improve the area’s personalized and smart experiences, help energy-consuming optimization, promote industrial business services, and foster economy vitality and sustainable development.



The NEXUS project’s exhibition stand on 2024 International Zero Carbon Cities and Villages and Zero Carbon Buildings Conference & Technology and Equipment Expo

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