Victor AI meets Qatari State Minister deepening international digital and economic cooperation

Following attended the world's technological Olympia Web Summit in Qatar, Victor AI, the Founder & CEO of Terminus Group was invited to meet with H.E. Ahmad Mohammed A Y Al-Sayed, the Minister of State of Qatar and the Chairman of Qatar Free Zones Authority. It was the first meeting for the two sides since 2019, in a bid to share the achievements during the latest years and to deeply discuss and promote the development and investment in the field of digital economy, AI, financial services, and clean energy between China and Qatar. 



Victor Ai (R), the Founder & CEO of Terminus Group, met with H.E. Ahmed Al-Sayed (L), the Minister of State of Qatar


H.E. Ahmad Mohammed A Y Al-Sayed warmly welcomed Victors’ visit and expressed that the visit to Terminus Group in 2019 left him a deep impression of Chinese advanced technologies development. From a simple investment and trade relationship to a deeper strategic cooperation agreement, the relationship between Qatari and Chinese science and technology industry has been extended and developed over the years. Leveraged by Terminus Group's frontier AIoT-powered technologies and integrated industrial resources, his excellency looks forward to join hands with the company to help promote the potential cooperation and enhance the innovative and clean energy trade between Qatar and China.


Victor AI, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, was pleased to meet with H.E. Ahmad Al-Sayed after 5 years, and said: "Terminus Group has been optimizing business layout overseas and exploring new growth in GCC countries. The establishment of international headquarters demonstrating the company's inevitable expansion of business and comprehensive upgrade of technologies globally. We look forward to further promoting business cooperation with Qatar, enabling national green transition, helping China and Qatar to seize the opportunities of digital economy, bringing new vitality to sustainable and innovative future cities".


The relationship and friendship between Terminus Group and Qatar has been growing for years. In 2019, H.E. Ahmad Al-Sayed led a number of high-ranking officials from Qatar to identify potential high-tech businesses in China, and the visiting delegation's first stop was Terminus Group's office in Shanghai. These delegations included the Qatar's Ambassador to China, CEO of the Qatar Free Zone Authority, and CEO of the Doha Venture Capital Fund Company.



Victor AI, Founder & CEO of Terminus Group (L), presented H.E. Ahmed Al-Sayed, Minister of State of Qatar (R), with a sailboat symbolizing everlasting friendship (2019)


Following the visit, the outbreak of COVID-19 quickly swept the world. During that time, Victor led an international team to respond to the situation and established a humanitarian campaign called "The Huolei Initiative", sent epidemic prevention materials and deployed medical resources to aid Qatar's and China's epidemic situation. When learned of this, the Qatari Ambassador to China helped facilitate the "Initiative", and the Qatar Airways immediately opened a "green channel" for transferring prevention materials.


Both, the Minister of State of Qatar and the CEO of Qatar Airways sent appreciation letters to Victor AI, highly admiring and appreciating his actions of enhancing the relationship between the two countries and commending his leadership spirit and entrepreneurship.



Terminus Group's supporting epidemic prevention materials to be carried to Qatar by Qatar Airway; H.E. Ahmad Al-Sayed, Minister of State of Qatar sent a letter to Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group


As the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, Terminus Group has been exploring global market and strengthening international strategic development continuously. Following its Official Premier Partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai in UAE, the company having set new relationships with Qatar and Bahrain in MENA region and promoted green and digital transformation in Singapore and Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Terminus Group also discussed cooperation with national leaders from Australia and Kenya and explored the culture and technological market with European enterprises, enabling international diversified industry and promoting sustainable and digital economic development.


Recently, Terminus Group had officially inaugurated its international headquarters, which is located at the heart of Expo City Dubai, to keep providing customers with cutting-edge technologies, leveraging industrial resources, and improving sustainable smart operations and function as an important bridge "connecting the East and West."



Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, is in Terminus International Headquarters

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