Terminus Group presents green and smart technologies with 7X on DRIFTx

Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, was invited to participate in DRIFTx, and partnered with 7X, the new corporate identity of Emirates Post Group Company (EPG), presenting cutting-edge technologies, robotic solutions, and green and smart cities solutions to the visits across the globe. With the newly inauguration of Terminus International Headquarters in Dubai, UAE, Terminus International will further explore global market and foster ecological partnership globally.



Terminus Group partnered with 7X and presented smart robots in DRIFTx


Collaborating with the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), and key local and international strategic partners, including 7X, Abu Dhabi Chamber, and Abu Dhabi Ports Group, DRIFTx emerges as an international thought-leadership and exhibition platform pioneering the latest innovations and applications in smart, autonomous, and sustainable urban mobility across air, land, and sea. 


In addition to strengthening the partnership with 7X, DRIFTx also provided a platform for Terminus Group to engage with over 2000 international attendees. These attendees included stakeholders from multinational organizations, governments, and the startup community, sharing the company’s green and digital innovation to global ecological partners. 


Leveraging AIoT technologies and industrial resources, Terminus Group will support 7X’s EMX and EDC business by providing delivery and attendant robots, as well as industrial and future cities smart and sustainable solutions.


Earlier this year, on the occasion of the inauguration of Terminus International Headquarters, Victor AI, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, met with the representative of 7X, deepening their partnership development.



Victor AI (L), the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, met with Nasiba Alshukairy (R), the executive director of strategy and innovation of 7X


Victor pointed out that Terminus Group will promote communication exchange with 7X and other international ecosystem partners, further refine its AIoT-based solutions, explore the application of LLMs technology in smart or AI cities and carbon neutrality scenarios, and enable green, innovative and resilient development for Middle Eastern and global industries.


Terminus Group has drawn great attention in the Middle East as it was the Official Premier Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, provided more than 150 AIoT-enabled smart robots and future cities solutions for nearly 30 million international visits and more than 100 countries leaders. Following the event, Terminus Group were confirmed to be the first ‘anchor tenants’ in Expo City Dubai. The company having set new relationships in MENA, Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe, providing a new paradigm for cities’ green and digital economic development with ecological partners across the globe.






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