Terminus Group launches Chongqing Edge Computing Laboratory with Chinese Academy of Sciences

Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, joins hands with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to launch the first Edge Computing Laboratory in Chongqing municipality, aiming to deeply promote scientific research and development in the fields of edge intelligence and computing services, low carbon technology, urban Internet of Things operation, enabling the progress of national major projects and national technical standard formulation, enhancing industrial-applied talent cultivation, boosting innovative ecological industry and digital economy development, and exploring edge computing implementation driven by LLMs technology in Terminus Chongqing AI CITY.



Chongqing Edge Computing Laboratory launch ceremony established jointly by Terminus Group and the Chinese Academy of Sciences


As edge computing has low latency functions and impacting the smart experiences for people’s life, the development of various urban scenarios needs apply the edge computing technology to facilitate digitalization and low carbon environment. With the launch of Chongqing Edge Computing Laboratory, Terminus Group will work closely with Chinese Academy of Sciences to promote edge and cloud collaborative efficient computing, accelerate the application of cloud-edge-end models in various urban scenarios, and help develop the more concrete and industrial-applied domain models nationwide.


The Chongqing Edge Computing Laboratory will be jointly managed and developed by Terminus Group and Chongqing Academy, focusing on national and citywide digital economy development and intelligent manufacturing industry upgrading. It will carry out scientific research and application around the basic theories, key technologies, and systems, and strengthen green and innovative technical industry development with ecological partners.


From the perspective of models and algorithm, based on the computing capability from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Terminus Group and Chongqing Academy will develop scenario-oriented edge computing services, promote the landing of large models at the edge, develop a cloud and edge collaborative smart urban Internet of Things platform, create an ubiquitous operating system ecosystem, and strengthen algorithm R&D of pre-training large models in CV/NLP and other fields.


In the aspect of technical solutions, the two sides will jointly promote the development of solutions in the fields of IoT and smart energy, expand the application of IoT urban safety operation, develop a carbon peak and carbon neutrality system based on information systems, establish efficient mechanisms for information sharing and collaborative disposal, create a comprehensive low carbon platform for regional carbon detection, decision-making assistance, and industrial application, and jointly explore the technical solutions implementation in new energy, energy storage system’s safety assessment, energy life span prediction, and electricity price prediction, etc.


Terminus Group and Chongqing Academy will also actively cooperate in various scientific research fund projects applications, scientific and technical breakthroughs, and technical standard formulation. Based on the newly launched Laboratory, the two sides will enhance talent cultivation and collaborations between academia and industry, and jointly promote the efficient application of edge computing technology in fields of green and low-carbon, social security, and societies smart management.


The Laboratory consists of a big data foundational theory team, an edge computing key technical research team, and an application system technical research and implementation demonstration team, which will include the sectors of smart city, smart agriculture, smart ecology, and smart vehicles.


On the occasion of the launch ceremony of the Laboratory, a further deepening cooperation agreement was reached by Terminus Group and Chongqing Academy. The Chongqing Edge Computing Laboratory also reached an agreement with the Energy Consumption and Carbon Emission Special Committee of China Association of Building Energy Efficiency and Shanghai Chongqing Institute of Artificial Intelligence, to promote the implementation of edge computing in vertical scenarios such as communication, multiple interacting intelligent agents, and public management.


In recent years, Terminus Group has developed a series of edge-oriented intelligent hardware and services, including environmental and energy management equipment, efficient computing equipment, AGI robots, etc. Terminus Titan Robot provided robotic solutions with different functions such as offline catering, pandemic prevention and sterilization, patrol inspection, and inquiry services for Expo 2020 Dubai. Different from other robotic services, Terminus Titan Robot unifies its “brain” and connects with other robots and ecological products through Terminus Robot Management Platform, achieved group multi-smart machine collaboration, and is able to connect with urban infrastructure,  possesses comprehensive smart decision-making capabilities, had a great success of the exploration and implementation of the smart operation and maintenance and innovative urbanization management at the Expo.


In addition, Terminus Group has deeply participating national major scientific and technical projects and achievements such as the Software Defined Ubiquitous Operating System and Environment Project, Standard Digital Information Public Service Platform, and 6G Mobile Communication, etc., led by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


Victor AI, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, said that Terminus will continue to promote urban digitalization based on advanced scientific research platforms such as the Chongqing Edge Computing Laboratory, enabling the technical-driven and sustainable future with ecological partners from nationwide and across the globe.


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