Victor AI: How do megacities evolve?

On September 9th, Victor AI, founder and CEO of Terminus Group, was invited to Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference and delivered a speech on AI CITY. According to Victor AI's opinion, the AI CITY should be understood as an advanced stage of the digital and intelligent transformation of cities in the future, being the result of quantitative accumulation to qualitative progress made in the field of technology.

In his speech, Victor AI presented the application of "OTA" in the AI CITY for the first time. OTA with a full name of "Over-The-Air Technology", activates the real needs and requirements of the public, as well as promote the upgrade of the information push to a more decentralized system.


Victor AI, founder and CEO of Terminus Group elaborating the AI CITY strategy

In respect to the application in the AI CITY, the software of Terminus AI CITY, leveraged by the OTA solutions, is an indispensable part of the infrastructure. As the OTA-backed software, each subdivision location, in the AI CITY, will be captured and personalized requests will be flexibly and instantly responded to, tailioring systematic and complete solutions.

In Victor AI's opinion, Terminus AI CITY is bound to redefine the concept of 'city'. Empowered by the aforementioned software and running on Terminus Group's independently developed TACOS(Terminus AI CITY Operating System), a system that allows isolated operating systems to merge with each other, Terminus AI CITY will surely turn solving the city's problems into a more efficient and agile process. By following the transformation, it is expected to enter the new era of AI CITY at a scale larger than ever.

According to Victor AI, human society has been steadily evolving from the traditional information age, transforming into 'the information-driven AI economy age'. New ICT technologies such as 5G, AI, IoT, and so forth, have enabled many offline urban services to move online and become digitalized as a result, therefore promoting the transition into one more intelligent approach towards solving the city problems and introducing autonomous decision-making processes. As a massive plethora of inherently connected business operations and the most productive economical unit, the city will gradually evolve into a form of a digital intelligent platform, known as the AI CITY. As a culmination of digital intelligent solutions, the AI CITY is destined to become a driving force of the new economy, bringing plenty of new opportunities and challenges alike.

In short, Terminus AI CITY resembles a smart car with its own OTA operating system. All decisions are made based on real-time information collection and computing done by the AI algorithms.

For example, Tesla Motors have been fitted with OTA system, through which, Tesla cars complete their continuous circle of functional upgrades therefore adapting to the surrounding environment and the driver's driving habits quickly and efficiently, just like Terminus AI CITY.

In addition, Terminus Group has designed TACOS in a fashion similar to that of the APP Store as one simple go-to resource. Instead of the actual apps, there are various vertical solutions and industry chains to choose from, which determine the access to a particular AI CITY layer.

Terminus Group has secured its place in the industry as a partner in the urban intelligent transformation, and a provider of end-to-end AI CITY platform. Its AI CITY platform encapsulates all the digital solutions necessary for the city to operate in a smart, smooth, and efficient way.

In the era of the Internet, many enterprises rely heavily on online users and, in the era of the intelligent economy, the appropriate use of information will further enhance the user experience. By going through the consecutive development phases, from hardware-driven 'Device as a Service' (AIoT 1.0) and 'Solution as a Service' (AIoT 2.0), Terminus Group has eventually entered the AIoT 3.0 phase, known as 'City as a Service'. The 3rd phase of the company's development is driven by a holistic approach towards the city, covering nearly all aspects of urban development and maintenance. Currently, Terminus Group is at the stage of developing and deploying its AI CITY projects both domestically and internationally including Shenyang, Chongqing, and Dubai, which are the cornerstones of the future global city network.

"In the foreseeable future, the development of the AI CITY will enter the 4.0 phase. By that time, all Terminus' AI CITIES around the world will be interconnected and mutually dependent, forming a global network of cities empowered by AI-based digital architecture. Not until that point in time will the urban evolution have reached its peak", Victor said.

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