Terminus Group AIoT-based OriginSYS enables smarter and sustainable development for Chongqing A-ONE project

Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, has confirmed a sustainability partnership with several entities to provide the Chongqing A-ONE skyscraper complex with a smart variable air volume (VAV) energy-saving system, based on Terminus Group's proprietary OriginSYS smart platform.

With sustainable development at its core, the Chongqing A-ONE project, due for completion in 2027, is a development of four skyscrapers featuring the world's 12th tallest skyscraper, set within 71,000 square meters of world-class conference facilities, office space, commercial centers, 5-star hotels, and residential property.

With a total of 103 floors and at a height of 470 meters there are high demands for energy conservation and carbon emission reduction from the main tower alone. To this end, Terminus Group has created the AIoT-based OriginSYS, which enables VAV to fully integrate AI capabilities and provide end-to-end smart and efficient services for operations managers, as well as providing a more comfortable and sustainable user experience.

The stability and reliability of OriginSYS have also been greatly improved by recent upgrading of its software and hardware allowing OriginSYS to achieve greater remote environmental adjustment, energy and resource optimization, automatic reconfiguration of ventilation and heating systems, smart lighting operation, remote smart phone operation, cloud-based managing and more.

Terminus Group Founder and CEO, Victor Ai, said:“Terminus Group takes AIoT technology innovation as the starting point and the TacOS (Terminus AI CITY Operating System) and OriginSYS platforms the direct solutions for realizing energy conservation and carbon reduction, and providing users with end-to-end products covering energy conservation, photovoltaic and energy storage, as well as being future-ready to adapt to the digital, smart, green and low-carbon needs of buildings, communities, parks and cities.

“Terminus Group will continue to accelerate the integration and innovation of AI, IoT, digital networks and other core technologies, to develop market-oriented technologies and solutions, and to promote more high-quality implementation of smart and sustainable urban scenarios.”

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