Terminus Group will headquarter in Dubai in ME to deliver its AI CITY vision

On July 2, Expo 2020 Dubai announced its 12th official premier partner: Terminus Group. Simultaneously, Terminus Group made a decision to establish its first overseas headquarters and R&D centre in District 2020, the legacy development project and venue that will be inherited from the Expo 2020 Dubai site, which will be transitioned over a 6-9 month period, following the end of the international mega-event.

By choosing Dubai, Terminus Group shows its deep appreciation of the city's favourable scientific and innovative atmosphere.

As a leading pioneer among AIoT tech companies, Terminus Group finds it's natural to select Dubai as its first overseas headquarters' location. The UAE, the second-largest economy in the Arabic region, has made remarkable progress in the field of artificial intelligence in recent years.

In 2013, the UAE government launched the "Smart Dubai" project, the purpose of which was to boost the economy of the country with cutting-edge tech innovations in all sectors, ranging from the upgrades in the field of technology development to the government administration processes.

In 2017, the country's first "Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence" was appointed.

In 2019, the "UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031" was announced, with the ultimate goal of making the UAE a global leader in artificial intelligence industry by 2031.

Terminus Group’s choice to set up its first overseas headquarter in Dubai reflects the company's recognition of the innovative atmosphere of the city and its artificial intelligence landscape, which would have never been possible to achieve without the UAE's tremendous efforts towards the goal. Victor Ai, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group said that the crucial reason behind choosing Dubai for Terminus Group's corporate headquarter and R&D centre is that the competencies of local government, the enterprises, and the individuals have left a deep impression on him.

As described by Victor Ai, 'Unlike people elsewhere, who always focus on the present or the past, I found out that in Dubai, peoples' ideas are ahead of time. The most important goal of this trip is to seek cooperation, not just to provide services. We will work together with Dubai to create new things. From this perspective, D2020 is a wonderful place to be in for tech companies like us."

By choosing Dubai, Terminus Group will further enhance the adaptability of its solutions

As Expo's premier partner, Terminus Group's Titan Series robots will certainly be given huge attention by visitors – up to 25 million expected from around the world, over the six-month event. Titan robots exemplify Terminus Group’s leadership in AIoT products and constantly prove their unmatched ability of technological integration. The robots use their built-in features, enabled by leading technologies, including 5G and edge computing to process information and send it back to the Expo’s official operator through the Robot Management System (RMS). These solutions will contribute to improving the overall management efficiency of the entire venue, including managing traffic, providing the place with necessary services including security, as well as guiding visitors.

Presented solutions are only a tiny fraction of the wide range of the company’s offerings. Supported by its technologically advanced devices and software products, the core scientific and technological strength of Terminus Group lies in its ability to transform the physical world into its digital counterpart with the help of IoT sensors and edge computing technologies, which as a result enables the company to create a parallel digital reality facilitated by automation processes and artificial intelligence. All information gathered by the devices is sorted and uploaded to the cloud, where it is subsequently undergoes analysis so as to improve services and efficiency. Once the processing of filtering the relevant information is accomplished, AI applications are created, as a consequence of having identified new solutions to the changing business scenarios and can then be introduced across the smart cities for user convenience.

The establishment of the Middle-East headquarters and R&D centre in Dubai will undoubtedly allow the company to implement its previously successful solutions in entirely new business scenarios, enabling the company to diversify, adjust and improve its existing range of technologies and products. With those in mind, it is part of Terminus Group’s strategy to expand the application value of its products into new niches, and therefore enhance the adaptability of its smart solutions, which will positively impact ever-increasing attention paid to the company's products.

By choosing Dubai, Terminus Group will present its first-ever overseas AI CITY network

It is reported that 80% of the 438-hectare infrastructure of the exhibition venue will be retained after the Expo concludes, with the plans made to re-design the space to fit entirely new purposes such as residential buildings, hotels, museums, schools, and office facilities. According to the "Master Plan for the District 2020 after the Expo 2020 Dubai", the area will accommodate 145,000 residents in the future, and focus on promoting the growth of the key industries and technologies including tourism, logistics and transportation, followed by education and construction. The entire new district will be constructed with the deployment of the newest technologies in mind - the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality, to name just a few.

Terminus Group will establish its R&D centre in D2020 district to refine its core products and AI and IoT systems, at the same time providing local communities and businesses with knowledge exchange programmes, financing and investment initiatives. For the sake of mutual purpose, the company also plans to closely cooperate with local leading tech experts and scientists alike. Last but not least, Terminus Group will also set up an accelerator in the R&D centre to incubate local AI and IoT start-ups.

By that time, D2020 itself will have become a crucial component of Terminus Group's global AI CITY network deployment strategy. Having earned recognition for its substantial expertise and capabilities in the field of building Smart Cities, Terminus Group will develop a smart system for the operation and management of D2020 in terms of fire protection, energy and facility management, and smart parking. The next-generation digitally interconnected technologies will unquestionably help create a smart and innovative ecosystem for future-oriented space, which D2020 proudly aspires to be.

By the time mentioned, Terminus Group has successfully deployed many fully-operational smart city projects. Once the D2020 project is completed, all the projects will become essential and inseparable components of Terminus Group's global AI CITY network. So far Terminus Group has been operating its 5 existing projects in China, and the company will be able to see its global AI CITY network come into being once the final stage of the D2020 project is finalized.

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