Terminus Group: New Premier Partner for Expo 2020 with Futuristic Vision

On July 2nd, 2020, Terminus Group was announced as the Official Premier Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai. Subsequently to the announcement, Mohammed Al Hashmi, Chief Technology Officer of Expo 2020 Dubai, stated publicly: ‘As a pioneer in robotics and AI-enabled IoT applications, Terminus Group is a valuable new partner. Our collaboration will demonstrate the potential of robotics, while also establishing the foundation for District 2020 as a center for technology innovation’.

Subsequent to the announcement, for both the organizers of Expo 2020 and Terminus Group, as well as for the rest of the world, Expo 2020 is an unparalleled event to showcase the capabilities of the most recent innovative technologies. Expo 2020 Dubai is set to present some of the most futuristic innovations the world has ever seen. As a result of that, it comes as no surprise that the technologies presented at the event are among the world’s finest, and the solutions presented are way ahead of their time. 

As the latest Premier Partner, Terminus Group will provide Expo 2020 Dubai with the cutting-edge robotic technologies, including its smart robot product lines and smart service solutions.

Being the world’s prominent AI CITY and smart service provider, Terminus Group is up to the task. The company’s robots have been an undeniable milestone in terms of hardware products offered. Leveraged by AIoT technologies, the robots are designed to be fully operational in different work environments, including outdoor areas such as parks, tourist attractions, and other frequently visited outdoor public facilities. They are also capable of delivering service in indoor areas – buildings of commercial purpose, banks, power grid management facilities, and so forth.

The Opti robot, being an example of Expo 2020 mascots developed by Terminus Group, will interact with the visitors and provide them with its guiding services during the whole six- months-long event. Besides Opti, the remaining four types of robots are equipped with features such as multi-touch displays and 5G network connectivity and are designed to perform a wide variety of tasks from greeting the visitors to performing various tasks depending on given circumstances.

Furthermore, relying upon receiving, analyzing, and managing the information in real-time, Terminus Group has the ability to provide invaluable help to entire municipalities, enterprises, and citizens alike by optimizing decision-making processes and improve peoples’ overall quality of life as a result. The company also specializes in solutions centered around the problems that arise as a result of inevitable urbanization processes, such as smart parking, smart tourism, and other areas where AIoT technologies could prove useful.

Except for the cooperation at Expo 2020 Dubai, Terminus Group also signed a long-term lease of District 2020, the innovation hub that the Expo 2020 will be redesigned into soon after the event. The decision made will undoubtedly prove invaluable in Terminus Group's ambition to refine its own core products and AIoT systems, at the same time providing local communities and businesses with its smart solutions.

Commenting on this unprecedented collaboration, Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, pointed out: ’Expo 2020 Dubai will serve as an incredible hub of innovation for the entire world, and District 2020 will serve as an example for the global smart city development. Terminus Group is working with both organizations to redefine the concept of ‘future cities’ by contributing its robotic solutions and AI/IoT technology and sharing it with a wider audience. Together with other technology-focused partners, we have the opportunity to further explore the area of smart solutions. This is exactly the reason why we are so excited about it.

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