Terminus Group AIoT-based LLMs-System-Integration technology enables green and smart development of the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University

Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, will enable the green and smart management of the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University by its LLMs-System-Integration based technology and energy domain model in  smart campus scenario, promoting the sustainable and high efficient development of the school.  


With the rapid increase in campus construction and student population, carbon emissions has also increased. To this end, Terminus Group’s AIoT-based OriginSYS smart management system will help the campus achieve energy consumption and carbon emission data inventory, perform dynamic energy-saving optimization, improve management efficiency and equipment operation efficiency, reduce maintenance costs while ensure environmental safety and quality for the needs of faculties and students.



the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University


Terminus OriginSYS platform can deploy the KNX smart lighting system to achieve unified management of lighting facilities, develop an overall building facility energy and carbon management system driven by the company’s energy domain LLMs model for the campus scenario, and implement comprehensive automation and optimized management of important electromechanical equipment in about 20 buildings on campus. With 3,000 hardware points, nearly 100 gateway interfaces, and more than 2,000 lighting circuits managed by the KNX intelligent lighting system, the digital information is interconnected. In response to the large number of buildings and a wide distribution of equipment on campus, Terminus Group’s solution will combine specific scenarios of different types of buildings to divide functions, coordinate and manage various facility subsystems and equipment, and completed the complex AIoT data interaction of HVAC, intelligent lighting, energy consumption measurement, elevators, domestic hot water, water supply, and drainage, to develop an AIoT data loop, achieving the collaborative operation between facilities. Driven by LLMs, the OriginSYS platform can track and accurately analyze the operating status, fault conditions, energy consumption, load changes, etc. of equipment in the campus in real time, optimize the management strategy to directly execute the operation of the end, and improve the benefits of low carbon consumption and intelligent management.


The scenario of campus is one of the scenarios of industrial parks. To achieve the green and smart management of industrial parks will help the sustainable development of cities. Based on the implementation of AIoT-based technologies and solutions, Terminus Group has developed a domain model platform, including vertical scenarios of AIoT, industrial parks, corporation, economy, and energy. In the future, the company will further unleash its AI and IoT capabilities to comprehensively improve spatial management efficiency, develop carbon footprint management system, achieve carbon reduction operations, and enable a low-carbon, green, and dynamic industrial environment for cities development.

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