Terminus Group to Partner with Hebei Zhao County on sustainable and digital development

Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, will support the green and smart upgrade of the "Digital Zhaozhou(Zhao County)" project in Hebei Province. Terminus Group will provide AIoT-based digital services to Zhao County, such as computing power, algorithms, and digital information services.


Specifically, Terminus Group will support Zhao County to build a sustainable digital foundation with smart computing cloud, AI computing platform, intelligent reasoning platform, digital twinning platform, and Internet of Things platform integrated; establish two digital centers (cloud digital information center and urban operating management center); create three types of digital assets(fields, themes, services); apply digital solutions in four vertical domains (urban management, business and investment, low-carbon management, and healthcare); and cover five operational scenarios (smart parking, smart lamp pole, smart community, clean energy, and new retail).



Zhao County in Hebei Province


Terminus Group will introduce its newly developed green smart computing server to the project for the first time. The green smart computing server will function as the AI foundation to the overall smart and digital upgrade of the county. The fast development of LLMs has put forward higher requirements for computing power. In this context, Terminus Group proposed the concept of green smart computing server, providing one-stop domain-specific smart computing services to various user groups, public or private.


While providing accessible and flexible computing power alternatives to the users, the green smart computing server will help reduce the threshold for industrial digitalization and improve efficiency for urban planning and management.


Terminus Group has been engaged in AIoT innovation since its establishment in 2015, supporting the green and smart transformation of cities with customized solutions and services. With the development of LLMs, the company believes that the green smart computing server will become a driving force in the AGI area. Up till this point, the company has participated in over 9,000 smart city projects in over 100 cities across the world, serving tens of millions of users.


Victor AI, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, pointed out that the company will deeply integrate its experiences of smart city development with customized solutions for Zhao County. We hope through our green smart computing servers and our human-centric AIoT technologies, future cities will become self-improving and continuously growing organic to meet the various needs of all user groups.

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