Answering the Needs of Corporate Entities in AI Cities: Terminus Group's Smart District Solutions

  • Realizing long-term sustainable development plan

  • Improving the overall efficiency of the smart operations

  • Managing processes in the field of connectivity, enterprise operations, personnel attendance, operation and maintenance of the system, and energy consumption.

Undoubtedly, corporations play a crucial role in the development of cities, and contribute largely to their prosperity and economic status. Furthermore, due to numerous limiting factors, it is extremely difficult to establish a prosperous business from ground zero. As a result of the situation, many industrial districts serving various kinds of corporate purposes have been established, aiming at making it easier for the business owners and entrepreneurs to deal with the ever-growing challenges they have to face. Necessity being the mother of invention, a brand new enterprise service model has been introduced.

Terminus Group, the world's prominent AI CITY and smart service provider has released its latest new generation Smart District Solution, which is designed to set the direction for the intelligent development in cities of the future. The company’s proposed solutions can be perceived as groundbreaking attempts to establish a fully operational corporate service dedicated to AI Cities.

An ability to elaborate a wide variety of potential diverse scenarios is one of the most remarkable characteristics of Terminus Group’s industrial district solution. While having to face large open spaces and diversified populations, the management team needs to utilize refined management methods, operation methods and tools. What makes it even more complicated is that some industry-oriented districts pose certain industrial-level requirements for the district management systems to meet.

Based on the analysis of customers’ most urgent needs and biggest concerns, with the assistance of global-leading AIoT technologies, Terminus Group recently deployed its pioneer District Smart Operation Management Solution - a software system providing a wide range of applications encapsulating all vital areas of the city’s district management from security, fire prevention, energy management, to traffic management. Proposed solutions also include inspection of the public spaces, investment management, various AIoT solutions, smart operations, and building management.

Leveraged by Terminus Group’s smart solutions, the industrial district can drastically improve the overall efficiency of smart operations. Proposed specific solutions provide a wide range of services, which conform to different groups of users, such as management and operation personnel, R&D personnel, corporate employees, visitors, residents, and all sorts of commercial customers.

Moreover, Terminus Group’s AIoT industrial district, being more than just a sum of its pieces, presents a fully integrated platform offering comprehensive functions and solutions, reflecting the dynamic changes of the district itself.

In the aforementioned business scenario, Terminus Group managed to take full advantage of its previous experience in dealing with demanding issues of optimizing energy management, and the full scope of other smart-related services. At the early phase of the development of the project, the connection between IoT devices was established within the district, soon to be followed by the connection to the central operating platform. The major benefit of the presented approach is allowing a thorough internal connection between the devices, with the central system being able to simultaneously control all the pieces of the necessary equipment in a unified manner.

The system is capable of conducting unified operation management of the area, including AIoT connectivity management, enterprise operation management, personnel attendance management, operation and maintenance management, and energy consumption management. It has also proven useful in other related areas, such as energy-saving operations, reducing the workforce demand, and establishing various standardized processes. All the processes are electronic, industry-standardized, and visual. They are a result of standardized management mechanisms - an inherent part of the presented solution.

Building a personnel-oriented smart district is one of the most important and ambitious objectives of Terminus Group’s Smart District Solutions. The solutions are capable of real-time analysis of the district’s operations, such as commercial activities, security operations, activities of non-commercial facilities, monitoring the environment and energy consumption, detecting abnormal behaviors and establishing early-warning systems, which can greatly contribute to more aware and optimized decision-making. The extended use-cases also include corporate services, personnel management, asset management and other relevant modules, which as a result raise the industry standards of the personnel’s service efficiency.

Last but not least, Terminus Group’s solutions extend its service scope to ancillary facilities and property management, proving to be a great tool helping the districts achieve their long-term sustainable development goals.

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