Terminus Group listed on Top 100 IoT Enterprises 2023

Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, was listed on the Top 100 IoT Enterprises 2023 by China Internet Weekly and eNet. The company is featured by its advanced AIoT technologies performances and city-level smart solutions and mNode (Multi functional Node) implementation. Other listed enterprises includes Alibaba Cloud, Xiaomi, MEGVII, and more.


Terminus Group focuses on the integrated development of AI and IoT technologies. Leading by its Chief Scientist Dr. Yang YANG, the company has accomplished many achievements in the IoT development and implementation. From the aspect of R&D, Terminus Group has created a multi-level intelligent endogenous network architecture to meet the personalized service needs in the digital world. Meanwhile, in terms of production optimization, the company has launched mNode based on its city-level TacOS platform to achieve end-to-end intelligence, enhance the innovative experiences for each user, and improve user satisfaction. Terminus Group also collaborates with a wide range of industry, academia, and research institutions to deeply participate in the industrial standard-formulating such as the smart city evaluation indicators and the urban digital infrastructure framework, promoting industrial sustainable ecological development.


IoT has been considered as the third revolution in the digital technology after the computer and the Internet, bringing significant commercial and social value to industries. The IoT industry is more focusing on strengthening its integration with blockchain, AI, wearable devices, AR/VR, robots, drones, 3D printing, and more. The development of AI, cloud computing, digitalization, and IoT technologies is driving the urban smart upgrading around the world.


Terminus Group is able to enhance the core competitiveness of AIoT through the research and development of IoT technologies and promote the integration and innovation of AI and IoT, enabling the prosperous smart environment to the digital world by technological empowerment.

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