Terminus Group launches urban smart operating system TacOS 3.0

Focusing on the future direction and leadership within the urban digitalization and sustainability space, Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, has announced the launch of its TacOS 3.0 product profolio.

First launched in July 2021, TacOS (Terminus AI City Operating System) is an urban AIoT operating system created by Terminus Group to meet the needs of urban digitalization and is also the core of its AI CITY concept.

As a city-wide, digital platform TacOS 3.0 aims to boost the implementation of urban digitalization and sustainability with technical product capabilities and solutions, supporting the large-scale implementation of "Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Peak" activites, around the world.

Compared with the previous version, TacOS 3.0 expands a single operating system into a comprehensive product profolio composed of CityIoT, CityOS, CityApp, and CityAIoT developer frameworks. These products, claim the company, will directly support urban digitalization and implementation of urban scenarios with "Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Peak" considerations at its core.


Terminus Group CTO Dr. Hua Xiansheng presenting TacOS 3.0

The TacOS 3.0 Product Profolio:

1. CityIoT – provides highly available, cost-effective sensors/controllers, and cloud edge smart computing devices.

2. CityOS – based on TacOS, develops a metropolitan AIoT base to achieve the full domain, full volume and full-time digitalization of buildings, communities, parks, and urban spaces; At the same time, TacOS AI middle platform is developed to provide metro AI, digital capabilities, and capacity production platform services.

3. CityAPP – Provides customers with services and value-added services from digital top-level design to the implementation of software and hardware integration scheme to keep operation, and supports the smart scenarios of buildings, communities, parks, and cities around the goals of sustainability, smart city, and industrial empowerment.

4. CityAIoT – A developer framework, creating an integrated development environment and open community, and enables a broad developer ecosystem.

Under the TacOS 3.0 product profolio, Terminus Group also officially launched TacOS 3.0 system software, which includes the TacOS 3.0 all-in-one machine, TacOS 3.0 edge gateway and other software and hardware products. In addition, TacOS 3.0 also integrates the product portfolio of professional applications and integrated platforms for sustainability implementation needs.

From energy production to consumption, TacOS 3.0 supports the tracking and management of carbon situation throughout the life cycle, enabling it to be used as a sustainable digital foundation to meet the digital, smart, green, and low-carbon needs of buildings, communities, parks, cities and other urban scenarios.

According to Dr. Hua Xiansheng, Chief Technology Officer of Terminus Group, in recent years, with continuous breakthroughs in the frontier exploration of AI, achieving the efficient application of innovative technology in the industry has been a priority. Dr. Hua believes that creating irreplaceable value in the scenarios, implementing in a large scale, and adapting to the changing future of AIoT, platforms, and systematization, are all key strategies to deal with these challenges.

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Hua said: "Currently, we need a more powerful core platform to become a sustainable foundation for the implementation of AI's large-scale value. It is clear that it lies beyond the power of one company to seek a new chapter of global sustainability with ecological force. However, the rationale behind the development of TacOS 3.0, is to create a specific product that will be central to Terminus Group's future AI development strategy, with this in mind."

The promotion of "Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Peak" work is a systematic project, which requires the cooperation of both the upstream and downstream in the industrial chain, as well as across the industry, in universities and R&D. To this end, Terminus Group has established partnerships across the AIoT industry chain, and in different fields of expertise, to promote joint efforts of all parties and contribute to the implementation of sustainability in contemporary urban scenarios. This is achieved through scientific and technological innovation, industrial empowerment, financial services and other relevant areas. It is anticipated that the upgrade of TacOS to 3.0 will see its capabilities also bring many possibilities for subsequent exploration.

Since the launch of TacOS (1.0), the platform has been widely used in the urban AIoT industry, and is now operating in more than 120 cities, globally,. According to the Terminus Group, unlike similar products being developed by other companies, as an urban operating system, TacOS 3.0's modular and low threshold features can help developers reduce the difficulty of development, and also help solution providers more flexibly adapt to more urban scenarios, providing the possibility of creating a more vibrant ecological approach to city-wide planning.

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