Terminus Group AIoT technology promotes CIFTIS fruitful achievements

Sep. 27, Beijing, The 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) was recently closed with fruitful achievements. A wide range of international enterprises and organizations from 83 countries participated in the fair. Leading companies from clean energy, healthcare, artificial intelligence, and smart and digitalization were showcased to visits. As global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, Terminus Group, was invited to join the event and share its cutting-edged technology and green and digital services implementation, such as city-level operating system, five-dimensional digital urban spatial model and smart robots, during the five days fair.


Human-machine coexistence, software dynamic adaptation ability, ubiquitous interconnection, and natural interaction ability have become major elements for current technological development. Terminus Group has created and developed the city-level smart or AI City Operating System (TacOS), which makes different customized AIoT scenarios software applications and underlying heterogeneous AIoT devices dynamically connection, making real-time parallel processing of massive digital information, multi task scheduling, and cross scenarios human-machine interaction possible.


Based on its TacOS technology, Terminus Group has created a five-dimensional digital urban spatial model, enabling improved spatial operation efficiency and cross spatial connection efficiency. Ultimately, the aim being is to improve smart or AI city user experiences and support the long-term, sustainable industrial and cities development.


The five-dimensional urban digital spatial model is best explained by breaking it down into its component parts. They are:

1st Dimension – System Integration: One-dimensional space management system in the digital world integrates the core smart and intelligent systems into a digital platform. The association and interaction between digital information is limited.

2nd Dimension – Digital Fusion: Emphasizing scenarios, fusing digital information within a scenario to facilitate cross system interaction.

3rd Dimension – Scenario Connection: Pulled together by cross scenarios motion lines, "applications" can overlap with each other in different scenarios in space.

4th Dimension – Distinguishing People and Identifying Time: Designing an experiential journey for typical characters that can dynamically adapt to their mindset and environmental needs, while connecting smart and intelligent scenarios.

5th Dimension – Beyond Space: By implementing the STSL industry standard, breaking the physical boundaries of buildings, communities, parks and urban areas, achieving Space as a Service and supporting an enterprise's comprehensive operational development.


Based on its TacOS technology and the five-dimensional urban digital spatial model, Terminus Group has conducted in-depth research on the technology of operating system software for ubiquitous application scenarios in smart or AI cities. For example, the company joins hands with Fudan University, leading key national R&D projects for the application of ubiquitous operating system in urban scenarios, setting a leading nationwide and international smart technologies application demonstration.


In addition to innovating with artificial intelligence technology and promoting the improvement of ubiquitous urban operating system applications, Terminus Group AIoT-based smart robots had also attracted a lot of attention from nearby 280,000 visitors at the fair, bringing interactive technological experiences, making the future urban life of human-machine coexistence into reality, and enabling technology to a better human well-beings lifestyles.


Based on the technology route of "model+system" and smart or AI city operating system, Terminus Group created and developed AIoT-based smart robots, which are applied to various urban scenarios. Combined with the application of technologies such as autonomous driving and end-to-end computing power, the robots have strong perception and decision-making ability in complex application scenarios.


Terminus Group has created a foundational smart model for robot operation and applied it to practical systems, comprehensively improving the five major smart capabilities of robots, including motion, interaction, vehicle environment collaboration, scenarios intelligence, and platform empowerment. It has achieved comprehensive smart management of personnel, vehicles, and facilities, greatly improving operational efficiency, and developing an open robot platform to attract more partners to participate in innovation, becoming a great example of the transformation of smart robot industry from technological exploration to commercial implementations.


With the continuous development of new technologies, achievements, and services in the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and digitization, advanced products and services and underlying business models are emerging. The smart and digital economy has become a prominent focus. Terminus Group’s robots is like an entry point connecting the physical and digital worlds, as well as the most important interaction interface and end-to-end products, refining the definition and implementation of smart robots.


The company's AIoT-based robots are designed to work in various environments. In addition to the CIFTIS, they also performed various tasks at Expo 2020 Dubai, assisting nearly 30 million visits with a deeper understanding of the potential of AI and AIoT-enabled technologies. Terminus Group will also work with world renowned enterprises and authorities, industry, and academics to help the sustainable and digital development in Expo City in Dubai, promote the international cooperation of the innovative hub with its core refined AIoT products and solutions, enable local communities and businesses digital and smart upgrading and industrial sustainable development, jointly explore the smart and digital market with advanced partners globally.


More than 1,100 results achieved at CIFTIS, its international participation and influence power was further increased. As a national, international, and comprehensive large-scale exhibition in the field of service trade, the CIFTIS has become an important platform for international openness, deepening cooperation, and leading innovation. It attracts excellent science and technology innovation enterprises from around the world, enhances the emerging service trade characterized by knowledge and technology intensity, promotes the digital transformation of global service trade, and provides strong momentum for international digital economic cooperation.


The service industry is one of the important driving forces of global economy. Victor AI, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group said: " As one of the participants of CIFTIS, we see digital and green service trade are becoming important areas for international economy development nowadays, and we aim to join hands with ecosystem partners to promote the growth of trade by technological and sustainable services globally". 

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