Terminus Group AIoT technologies accelerate urban scenario connections to enable AI CITY digital and sustainable development

Terminus Group, the global smart services provider, is committed to being a world leader in AIoT R&D and AI CITY concept development by stressing the need to apply further technology implementation in real urban scenarios. The benefits of urban digitalization support sustainable management and development of future cities are such goals are best enabled through Terminus Group's proprietary AIoT products, services, and TacOS (Terminus AI CITY Operating System) technologies.

Focusing on urban scenarios, Terminus Group supports 'urban intellectualization' by developing digital and spatial modular capabilities. That is to say that cities, parks, communities, and buildings, combined with technology and scenario-planning, will see the capabilities of ecological partners better able to promote the large-scale deployment of technology that will stimulate and accelerate sustainable driven urban development, through AIoT technology.

According to the company's CTO, Dr Hua Xiansheng, "While in the energy field, the current technology is yet to mature into its full potential, with AIoT+TacOS as the core technology and platform capabilities, Terminus Group can combine its research capabilities with ecological capabilities and join hands with industrial partners to quickly form a wealth of technical capabilities.

"Through platform-based methods, this will increase overall technical capability, adapt existing capabilities and general models to the digital development of its own scenarios, in the energy-related field. Simultaneously, Terminus Group will continue to optimize and update the technology, promoting urban scenario applications that support energy management, which in turn supports the sustainable development of a low-carbon AI CITY."

According to Dr. Hua, the experiences and value of sustainable urban digitalization relies on connected scenarios and Terminus Group's series of products and technologies enable the expansion and connection of urban scenarios.

With the announced upgrade to TacOS 3.0, the city-wide, digital operating platform, is now available across all Asian markets and the digital twinning technologies and informative analysis capabilities are available to transform parks, cities and other scenarios into a digital twinning world – replicating and connecting real world scenarios in the digital twinning world. 

The sustainable urban scenarios have many sub-setups, such as energy supply and energy consumption, and by superimposing the algorithms and applications for the scenarios, Terminus Group will promote urban digitalization which will result in new energy development, carbon sinks, carbon trading, and carbon derivatives, among others.

Commenting on the focus on digitizing urban scenarios, Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, said: "Adhering to the concept of digital and sustainable production and operations, Terminus Group partnered with ecological entities to help optimize digital technologies, products, and solutions. This will help promote the effective implementation in AI CITIES, parks, communities, and buildings to jointly create a new paradigm of sustainable solutions, promote and support the R&D teams, and by working with industrial partners to establish sustainable technical standards will realize both upstream and downstream business achievements.

"At Terminus Group we pride ourselves in being able to provide a set of comprehensive digital solutions and a long-term sustainable operation pattern to improve the combined development of high-tech, low-carbon urban scenarios."

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