Going into 2021: What defines Terminus Group, and what is next?

Despite the whole world having been negatively impacted by the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, as an enterprise specialised in the field of smart cities and economies, Terminus Group has taken many learning experiences from what has been an extra-ordinary, yet a significant year.

From reaching another milestone in the field of AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) by deploying the world's first AI CITY pilot project to providing medical aid worldwide, Terminus Group not only leads the progress in the sector of smart services, but also serves as an example of taking social responsibility for the greater good.

Terminus going into 2021

Terminus Group AI CITY in Chongqing, China. /Terminus Group

The breakthrough: Terminus Group AI CITY

The Terminus Group AI CITY - Cloud Valley - is located in southwest China’s Chongqing, a beautiful riverside city going the extra mile to promote its digital urbanization. Since April 2020 when the construction began, Terminus Group has incorporated its ideas and creative thoughts into this campus-style area. By developing an innovative and ground-breaking Urban Tech ecosystem, it is the company’s ambition to establish the AI CITY from the ground up and make it a place where all public spaces, residents, infrastructure and data seamlessly co-exist and work together connected by the means of the AIoT layers of existing atop the digital city management platform.

The radically transformative part of Terminus Group's AI CITY is that the project covers an plethora of complex urban scenarios, including the digital management of smart communities, smart recycling, smart fire prevention, smart driving, smart security facilities, smart retail, and smart logistics, to mention just a few. To integrate separate digital functions into one platform, Terminus Group set a digital framework covering as many smart services as possible. As has been noted across many media organisations, the city could potentially answer the customized users' needs, such as it “knows your favorite drink," "able to rearrange office chairs," and people don't need to "open the doors with the keys" anymore. To prioritize residents’ livelihood and their overall lifestyle, TACOS (Terminus AI CITY Operating System) turns solving the city' problems into a more efficient and agile process, running the ecosystem to ensure the users’ quality experience, at the same time letting them enjoy the smart devices and the infrastructure behind it.

In September, Terminus Group officially launched this project in Beijing. Leaving a deep impression on the industry by releasing a series of Urban Tech projects. The company’s pioneer AI prototype is set to empower global business partners, city-wide operational efficiency, and the general public alike by integrating new ICT technologies such as 5G, AI and IoT into one holistic AI system. Achieving a more resilient, safe, sustainable and evolving digital city has always been a dream of Terminus Group.

Such an AIoT 3.0 Urban Tech adoption model has gained international traction too, while the Asian continent and other emerging markets are well-positioned to lead the global economic recovery after the pandemic. In July, Terminus Group was announced the Expo 2020 Dubai’s Official Premier Partner. The company will support the Expo with more than 150 programmable robots which encapsulate features such as multi-touch displays, 5G network capability, AI-driven object mapping and detection to ensure the visitors with a futuristic experience. In December, Victor Ai, founder and CEO of Terminus Group, was invited to the prestigious Web Summit 2020 to share his creative ideas about the AI CITY with a global audience. The conference was held online due to the lockdowns in many countries, but resulted in creating a better opportunity for Terminus Group to convey the concept of the AI CITY to larger groups. Taking into account great feedback coming in, Terminus Group sees a bright future ahead.

For a greater good

By steadily evolving into a global enterprise, Terminus Group's ambitions of becoming a global leader went further in 2020. Just like Victor Ai said, the company should not only excel in the businesses development but should also recognize the social responsibilities that come hand in hand with the company's success.

During most intense periods of the battle against COVID-19 pandemic, Terminus Group launched the "Huolei Initiative," a multinational charity program. Victor Ai mobilized more than 1000 employees worldwide including its partners from North America, Europe and the Middle East, to help people who were directly affected by the coronavirus.

Thanks to Terminus Group's technical expertise, "Huolei Initiative" developed from a simple medical support initiative to a two-way communication channel, which helped thousands of people and business entities in the Middle East areas heavily affected by the impact of COVID-19. Terminus Group's effort on fighting the pandemic with smart technologies earned the company international recognition and made it possible for the company to make ties with the global community, which will subsequently boost the company's initiatives of establishing its digital infrastructure in the region.

"We are in an advantageous position and it is about time to do something for those who are less fortunate. We take pride in taking the responsibility for implementing effective measures against the pandemic and helping people get back on their feet," said Victor Ai.

With 2021 being just around the corner, people are looking forward to the future with good wishes, prayers, aspirations, and resolutions. People are busy getting back to normal after COVID-19 pandemic, economic slowdown, and changing lifestyles. Keeping the faith in the global trend of digitalization, Terminus Group will continue contributing to digital growth of the AI CITY adoption both domestically and internationally, and promote the digital transformation as well as corporate social responsibility tasks.

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