Digitalizing modern cities, Terminus Group boosts smart economy ecosystems

"Smart city clusters" play an important role in facilitating regional economic development, cross-border collaboration, and cross-sectoral cooperation through digitalization. As the digital momentum has highlighted the most innovative clusters and industries, the establishment of smart cities will greatly spur the expansion of urban digitalization.

Since the launch of world's first Terminus AI CITY "Cloud Valley" in April 2020 in southwest China's Chongqing, Terminus Group has been actively engaging various businesses, hi-tech enterprises, SMEs and digital specialists to further accelerate the digital transformation of the AI CITY. The company is marching toward its next big goal now: scaling up smart city clusters and improving the industrial performance of the city, which will empower its residents and provide them with new opportunities.

"We are ambitious and determined to create an efficient, sustainable, safe and resilient AI CITY not only by introducing smart technologies to the region, but also establishing the connection of smart businesses based in the city, which will benefit its residents, the private sector, the city governance and last but not least, the development of local economy," said Victor Ai, founder and CEO of Terminus Group at the urban tech forum held by Terminus Group in Chongqing.

Aiming to better utilize AI CITY's digital ecosystem, Terminus Group partnered with over 40 tech companies from China and abroad during the forum to bring the most leading-edge innovations and digital technologies to the region. The tech alliance consists of digital system providers, AI labs, producers of consumer goods, live-streaming platforms and manufacturers of tech devices. Terminus AI CITY is the world's first urban digitization pilot project. Launched in April last year, the campus-style project follows the company's goal to create the area maximizing the productivity of its residents through the digital interconnection and utilization of data.

Terminus Group is now becoming a witness of the digital transformation. The AI CITY features an unprecedented urban digital environment, including the urban application of "OTA" for the first time. "OTA", which stands for "Over-The-Air Technology", enables the city to constantly update and therefore - to evolve on its own. The software of Terminus AI CITY, leveraged by the OTA solutions, will now be able to answer the users' personalized requests flexibly and instantly, offering tailor-made, complete systematic solutions.

"A city is like an organism. Terminus AI CITY is a bold attempt to interconnect every part of the city's 'body' through the means of the digitalization – enable seamless digital transmission of data, and build an organic living entity for the residents to enhance their productivity as well as their living experience. Therefore, the economic performance will be maximized without unnecessary waste of the resources," said Victor Ai, adding that the digitization-driven all-in-one ecosystems have a positive impact on the innovation, the growth rate of tech start-ups, and acceleration of the regional smart economy.

Digital technologies nowadays allow us to have a much finer-grained orientation and better use of time, which affect the rapid changes in production, knowledge accumulation, and environment protection. Everything has changed including the way we produce objects, complex mechanized machines, and other things we do in order to live. In a nutshell, what has happened is that all production became ultimately disaggregated down to the level of smaller business units.

The major challenges behind establishing a successful digital economy ecosystem are mastering the vertical specializations, establishing cross-border collaborations, and dealing with the real needs of smart industries. By identifying common solutions for common challenges, Terminus Group has been effectively using its technological advantages to support other tech companies within the ecosystem. To nurture innovation and to transform research results into the economic strengths, Terminus AI CITY established the global connection between the companies and the academia via information-sharing platforms and effective policy metrics, to further help bridge the knowledge gaps.

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