Terminus Group appoints Dr. Hua Xiansheng as CTO

Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, has officially announced the appointment of Dr. Hua Xiansheng (Aaron Hua) as the company's new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). A fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Dr. Hua is also a distinguished scientist and member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Dr. Hua will be responsible for planning the research and development (R&D) of the Group's next generation and innovative technologies, implementing strategy of product and technology development, and promoting the commercialization and application in key areas such as urban digitalization and sustainability.


Terminus Group officially appoints Dr. Hua Xiansheng as the company’s CTO

Before joining Terminus Group, Dr. Hua has appeared on the list of ‘Innovators Under 35’ by the MIT Technology Review. Additionally, Dr. Hua has served as the director of the City Brain Lab, AI Center of Damo Academy, the vice-president and senior researcher of Alibaba Group, and was responsible for technology research and development and application in the field of visual intelligent computing on the cloud. In this latter role, Dr. Hua and his team promoted several provincial and municipal-level implementations of national projects in Hangzhou, Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, among others.

Commenting on his appointment, Dr. Hua said: "I feel very honored to join Terminus to further develop the company’s commercialization of innovative technology.

“At present, we are going through the third stage of an in-depth development of AIoT technology. In the first two stages, we achieved deep integration of machine learning and industry scenarios, which highlighted that all industries will be affected by technology. However, the core value of technology still needs to go deep into the industry to solve practical problems.

“In the third stage, we should promote more industry practitioners to join in, combine the capabilities of AIoT technology and product experts, and solve real-world problems in a creative way. This requires us to better develop AIoT's capabilities, to make technology more platformizational and introduce systematization, as well as to promote the implementation and reform of AIoT together with industry experts.

According to Dr. Hua, one of the key reasons for joining Terminus Group is that the company is putting the capabilities of the third stage of technology development into practice, creating real and irreplaceable value for many industries, and making AIoT truly realize large-scale “landing”.

Dr. Hua’s reputation in the academic field is also highly regarded, having published more than 300 papers in international mainstream conferences and journals. Individually, he has more than 100 authorized patents, and he has served as the deputy editor of several academic journals. Dr. Hua has also served as chairman of the program committee of top academic conferences such as ACM Multimedia and IEEE ICME, and won the best paper awards in many international conferences and journals.

Dr. Hua’s record for commercialization of scientific research is also one of his key achievements, with a particular focus on large-scale AI analysis, identification, search and mining and AI system research and development. Indeed, his research and development achievements have been widely applied across smart city development, industrial manufacturing, medical health, agricultural science and technology, Internet media, and other fields.

Following his graduation from Peking University, Dr. Hua worked in Microsoft Research Asia, Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Research, and was engaged in the research and development of multimedia, computer vision and machine learning.

While working at Microsoft, Dr. Hua promoted the development of automatic movie and video search, and achieved a number of technological breakthroughs, which today remain widely used across Microsoft product lines.

Welcoming Dr. Hua to the company, Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, said: "We are very happy to have such an insightful and acclaimed person, like Dr. Hua, joining us at Terminus Group.

“Dr. Hua arrives with a wealth of experience in scientific research and technology implementation, which will undoubtedly help the company lay a solid foundation for the further breakthroughs and large-scale implementation of science and technology.

“Since its founding, Terminus Group has been determined to develop unique products and the application and development of AIoT technology. Bringing the right people on board who can help Terminus Group achieve its strategic upgrade to turn its technology and landing experiences to platform-based applications, to meet changing market environment and demand."

Dr. Hua joins other IEEE fellows Dr. Ling Shao and Dr. Yang Yang, who also recently joined Terminus Group and are respectively responsible for the company's technology research and development in the direction of AI and IoT with mature technology research and development and business implementation experience teams.

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