Terminus Group smart lighting system brings sustainable and digital upgrades for Port of Ezhou

Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, has taken on the project to enable and support the smart lighting upgrade of the Port of Ezhou, with its leading cloud-edged smart solutions.

Ezhou is one of the five major ports in Hubei Province, situated along the Yangtze River. In 2021, the annual cargo throughput of the port reached 21.76 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 49.7%. This enormous surge shows that the need for smart and sustainable digital upgrades is key element in helping the port grow. Among such upgrades, efficient, smart lighting management is a particularly need as the port looks to handle a significant upsurge in tonnage from goods and ships-both domestically and onward, internationally. Under existing legacy systems, related work is managed manually, which results in rising labor costs and, in addition to needing more lighting due to the increased throughput, inefficient lighting had also pushed up energy consumption at the port.

Using Terminus Group's AIoT-based OriginSYS smart lighting management system, the port will be able to upgrade its smart lighting and energy-saving and help it to further achieve automatic and smart lighting management, so as to improve its management efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Combining smart technology with legacy building management technology, the integration of BACnet building automatic management communication technology and KNX smart lighting bus management technology combines with DALI digital dimming technology and Enocean wireless passive communication tech, so as to provide users with adjustable digital dimming. The system will also save approximately 50 per cent on costs, compared to traditional cabling costs.

With automatic illumination adjustment, combined with natural sunlight, the new smart lighting system can achieve constant illumination, across all areas. In addition, it can realize the management and deployment of the overall lighting system, illuminate areas only when people are present, and greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of each location's carbon energy management.

Steadily promoting energy-saving and carbon reduction, coordinating the safe and stable supply of energy green and low-carbon development, and scientifically and orderly acceleration of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals have become the common mission around the world. As the main spaces of interaction between people and the physical world, the significance of venues and buildings with energy-saving systems, carefully managing carbon emissions management, is a key priority for many businesses. In this context, the establishment of a smart lighting management system was an urgent requirement of the port and its efforts to promote low-carbon, digital transformation and contribute to the acceleration of the port and city's ongoing sustainable and smart development.

Using its proprietary AIoT technology to address such requirements, Terminus Group's OriginSYS building automation system, OriginSYS smart lighting management system, OriginSYS optical storage direct and flexible solution, and OriginSYS building carbon management system (for carbon neutralization scenarios), all combine to offer products and services that assist their users achieve efficient management of carbon reduction.

The relevant solutions can be applied to a variety of scenarios, such as the project in the Port of Ezhou, Zimbabwe Harare International Airport, Chongqing A-ONE skyscraper complex, Wuhan Hongshan Central Hospital, Wuxi International Convention Center, among others. Going forward, Terminus Group will continue to focus on the user-oriented needs of sustainable digital and smart transformation in key scenarios such as transportation hubs, hospital, academic campuses, industrial parks, conferences venues, and create more smart solutions and develop more sustainable experiences for solutions throughout all areas of future smart cities.

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