Terminus Group AI Computing Center to support acceleration of AI Industry R&D through support of SMEs and talent development

Data, computing capacity, and algorithm modules have long been regarded as the key components of AI development and industrial digital transformation. With the establishment of the Terminus Group AI Computing Centre (AICC), there is now a clear platform for driving collaboration between educational institutions and the AI industry and bridging the gap between the developing technical know-how and upskilling the startups and SMEs, which will accelerate innovation across the industry.

In 2022, the AI Computing Center of Terminus Group was officially established in Deyang AI Park, which is another R&D base created by the company, after the first-of-its-kind was developed, in Chongqing. Deyang AI Park has been designed to drive algorithm incubation, scientific research, personal training, and will become a hub dedicated to realising the potential of the development of the AI industrial ecosystems.

Commenting on the development of the AICC concept, Victor AI, Founder and CEO of the Terminus Group, said: "The development of the AI industry is like a barrel principle. This means that if market segments are not developing fast enough, it will be hard to promote the whole industry. Therefore, through the partnerships created between the AICC and Terminus Group, we can help small and mid-sized enterprises develop effective R&D in the field of AI and, as a whole, move the industry forward at an accelerated pace."


Terminus Group's first AI Computing Centre

The AICC concept aims to integrate the academic and industrial ecology fields to create a pre-training model that can be used by students. In effect, the AICC provides AI development services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This, in turn, allows for such companies to create their own algorithms and accelerate the development of new and innovative products, across the whole of the AI industry.

One of the key goals of the AICC, offered and developed by Terminus Group, is to provide a comprehensive and practical AI education and a training platform for higher education institutions, which can be integrated into both academic and industrial training fields – creating a relevant pre-training model and ecosystem that is of benefit to students and companies alike.

Using its proprietary Terminus AI CITY Operating System (TACOS) as the algorithmic capacity platform and technical foundation, the AICC will offer training courses, teaching materials, soft/hardware training, and set assessment programmes that support vocational learning, in AI.

With the help of AI, students will then be able to conduct their own practical application of this knowledge, according to the needs of their employers. The alignment of AI with industry and academic research, will see Terminus Group at the forefront of helping develop AI, in the startup and SME industry space.


Terminus Groups' first AI Computing Center

When fully realised, the AICC project will have established a steady and sustainable, low-threshold AI framework that can be utilised by various enterprises for jointly accelerating the number of active AI developments, as well as continuously improving the quality of output in the AI filed.

With the AICC in Deyang AI Park part of the first wave, Terminus Group will continue to set up AICCs in Shenyang, Chongqing, and other AI parks in 2022.

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