Terminus Group inaugurates its eastern China headquarters

Terminus Group has officially inaugurated its eastern China headquarters in Sino-Italian Ningbo Ecological Industrial Park in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province. As the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, Terminus Group will further leverage its advantages of cutting-edge technology to enable the region's green and innovative development and empower the integrated ecological development of digital and real economy industry.


Sino-Italian Ningbo Ecological Industrial Park, located in Yuyao, a county-level city of Ningbo, is the only national level international cooperation ecological park in Zhejiang province, and it has become an important smart industrial clusters and national high-tech industrial production and manufacturing area. Robots, intelligent optoelectronics, and other advanced technologies has emerged rapidly in Yuyao, promoting its development of innovative industry.


As one of the technological driving forces in urban smart industry, AIoT technology accelerates smart upgrade of urban infrastructure, computing power, big data, and clean energy, and enables intelligent manufacturing industry and the development of upstream and downstream industries. Through the development of AIoT software and hardware integrated solutions, Terminus Group will provide sustainable and smart services for the Sino-Italian Ningbo Ecological Industrial Park, including AIoT-based smart robots and end-to-end smart devices services, as well as intelligent software solutions in aspects of security, fire protection, energy-saving and management platforms, helping the digital optimization of upstream and downstream industrial chain of the area and promoting the intelligent development of the cities’ industry.


"Taking Terminus Group's eastern China headquarters as the starting point and the Sino-Italian Ningbo Ecological Industrial Park as the implementation platform, we aim to support the the digital upgrading of Yuyao, and enable the AIoT ecological industry in the area", Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group indicated, "We also join hands with ecosystem partners to keep developing an environment-friendly and innovative technological industrial demonstration in the nation, promoting urban green and digital economy development".


During the inauguration event, Terminus Group has reached strategic cooperation with nine ecological partners, including China Everbright Bank Yuyao Branch, China Telecom Yuyao Branch, AISpeech, CroStars, and 360 Ludashi and other 5 companies, accelerating smart technologies implementation and urban across scenarios and multi-industries cooperation, and enabling traditional industry by digital economy.


The ET Capital, one of the subsidiaries initiated and established by Terminus Group, has announced a new RMB Fund which is expected to be US$650 million at the inauguration event. The new fund is engaged in AI, IoT, clean energy, new consumption, intelligent manufacturing, and carbon neutrality. LPs of the new fund come from high-end technology companies and institution investors, integrating industrial upstream and downstream resources to enable the incubation and iteration of emerging technologies, and promote industrial sustainable and smart transformation and upgrade. 

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