Terminus Group Secures Its Position at The World's Top 30 Best-funded AI Startups 2020 Awards!

As of June 25, 2020, Terminus Group was announced as one of the World’s Top 30 best-funded AI Startups 2020, as per a report carried out by the highly influential and opinion-making authority in the industry – Disfold platform.

Disfold is a digital media and e-commerce platform providing vital information, reviews, industry summaries, in-depth analyses, and some of the world’s finest reports on the business and commercial activities of the digital industries currently available on the web. The platform regularly publishes resources, reviews, and news about innovative businesses and the newest technologies. Disfold’s reports include top companies in the industry and cover many crucial aspects of their business endeavors such as finance, e-commerce, and marketing. Providing convenient and direct access to the most useful data, Disfold stands out as one of the most valuable sources of information for those looking for reliable and unbiased analyses within the Hi-Tech industry.

As per the recent claim made by Terminus Group’s management team: “It’s really an honour for us to be recognized as one of The World’s Top 30 best-funded AI Startups in 2020. We believe it is a strong indication of Terminus Group’s robustness and its ever-growing potential in shaping the future of the AI industry around the world”.

Terminus Group, the world’s prominent AI City and smart service provider relentlessly aim at shaping the next generation of technology with Artificial Intelligence & the Internet of Things (IoT). One of the company’s primary ambitions is to use its mature AIoT services to integrate stand-alone products into smart solutions, eventually paving the way to the world of interconnected AI Cities.  (You may also be interested in smart tourism solutions, smart retail solutions )

Terminus Group’s ultimate goal is to provide all its customers, including corporate and private entities, healthcare facilities, and others with the highest quality AI/IoT products currently available at the market. The company’s offering focuses on the sustainable development of AI Cities, and it’s thoroughly supported by its robot product lines as well as dedicated software platforms.

One of the undeniable strengths of Terminus Group's is its competitiveness in the field of cutting-edge technologies and its ability to constantly find new and innovative use cases, Terminus Group enables traditional industries to take advantage of the most up-to-date AI-based applications and facilitations they provide. Relying upon receiving, analyzing, and managing the information in real-time, Terminus Group provides invaluable help to entire municipalities, enterprises, and citizens alike by optimizing decision-making processes and improve peoples’ overall quality of life as a result. The company also specializes in solutions centred around the problems that arise as a result of inevitable urbanization processes, such as smart parking, smart tourism, and other areas where AIoT technologies could prove useful.

“Terminus Group was established by a team of ambitious technologists. Our mutually shared vision was to build a platform that would bridge the gap between AI and IoT in anticipation of what we now know as the ‘intelligent economy.’”, as Victor Ai, the founder and CEO of Terminus Group pointed out.

By the same token, Terminus Group focuses all its R&D efforts on identifying and expanding the boundaries of AIoT technologies for the purpose of achieving its goal of making the world a safer, more efficiently-planned, and interconnected place.

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