Terminus Group and Deyang Scientific Research Center partner to enable urban sustainable digitalization

In a bid to further enable the growth and transformation of the urban digitalization sector, Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, has teamed up with Deyang Scientific Research Center, to jointly establish an artificial intelligence (AI) research centre.

The partnership will see the creation of an AI science education hub linked to top academic institutions, cultivate AI application-oriented talents, enrich sustainable technical services for local enterprises and their digital and intellectual transformation, optimize industrial parks, investment business operating system, and support the growth and adoption of urban digitalization.

The overall goal of the partnership, as jointly stated by both parties, is to focus on technology empowerment, investment promotion and operation, talent cultivation, and industry ecosystem development and promotion.

In the area of technology empowerment, Terminus Group and Deyang Scientific Research Center will collaborate on the development applications of software and hardware, with a key benefit for business enterprises, in Deyang, being access to Terminus Group's TacOS 3.0 platform and Chapter 9 AI Algorithms. These platforms will help incubate more advanced technologies and promote relevant scientific and technological achievements, while improve the digital and intellectual transformation and upgrading of local industries.

In addition, the new research center will promote areas of investment in the sector, further enriching the content of intellectual property, technology finance and entrepreneurship incubation services. In doing so, it the new research center is set to attract a wide range of tech businesses to develop and flourish, in Deyang, and expand the scale of the local urban digital industry.

As a means of cultivating talent, this partnership will explore the opportunity to develop an AI industry-related academic institution, to cultivate local AI applied industrial talents. The clear aim being to bolster and further boost industry development by encouraging a steady stream of fresh new talent, into the urban digital sector and the AI industry.

By supporting a thriving ecosystem between local enterprises, in Deyang, the new research center aims to be a support for the expansion of related businesses, on the basis of multi-level and multidisciplinary cooperation. Here, the principle ecological prototype used is the "Five in One" - technology, industry, platform, scenario and operational development. In doing so, the stated goal is to improve scientific research and industrial capacities by being more closely integrated with the development of Deyang's industry.

This partnership represents yet further investment by Terminus Group into the areas of R&D but with a focus on industry needs, having previously established an AI Computing Center (AICC) in Deyang, in 2022. The AICC model is designed to promote ubiquitous AI application and integration, linking both the academic and industrial ecologies of development, in order to help small and medium-sized enterprises and traditional enterprises to reduce the threshold on the cost of AI research and implementation.

The AICC's goal, therefore, is to create a more optimized AI application-oriented talent training system that will be more focused on addressing the needs of various vertical industries. Since the AICC has been established, over one year ago, it has successively supported AI industry applications to more than ten enterprises, spanning the fields of energy, finance, manufacturing, and others.

As industrial digitalization has increasingly been playing a more important role in social development, it is noted across the sector that an enterprise's AI development, technological challenges and talent needs, particularly in small and medium-sized cities, are also increasing.

Clearly, the partnership and cooperation between Terminus Group and Deyang Scientific Research Center is a positive move that look set to guide and solve many key technical challenges and offer an exciting, fresh platform for providing and enabling services that meet the real needs of local digital industries, and their sustainable development.

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