Smart Community Solution


Terminus Group Smart City Solutions enable city IoT perception, city management, community service and other functions, raise the intelligent level of urban governance, service and decision-making, and develop new management models of high efficiency and convenience, serving as a smart brain and management decision platforms for cities.


Community security is now smarter with Terminus Group's industry-leading access control technologies, which not only improves the efficiency of social management, but also gives citizens greater peace of mind. Moreover, smoke detectors and firefighting equipment in in-building public areas and rooms are also connected to enable convenient access to their real-time working status. This will help communities to eliminate fire hazards.

  • Refined Societal Governance

  • Dynamic and static community management

  • Building Safe Cities By Supporting "Public Security Pilots"

  • Improving Societal Governance Building Smart Cities


  • People-Centered Unified Sensing

  • Improved community security services

  • Better community service efficiency

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