Victor AI from Terminus listed on China’s Under40s by Hurun

The latest Hurun China Under40s list was revealed, includes 182 leading entrepreneurs from 171 companies in various industries from software and hardware services, healthcare, media and entertainment, automotive, chemical, and semiconductor. Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, has been selected as one of the business elites on the list.


Those listed are playing key roles in companies whose market value surpassing $100 million. The other prominent listed entrepreneurs are Zhang Yiming from ByteDance, Chen Tianshi from Cambricon, Wang Ning from POP MARK, Cheng Wei from Didi Chuxing.


Under the leadership of Victor AI, Terminus Group has successfully applied green and smart solutions in nearly 9,000 projects in more than 100 cities worldwide since its establishment in 2015. The company has over 1,500 technology patents, and has deeply participated in the standard-formulating of over 20 authoritative industrial standards internationally, and has been featured in Gartner's technology trends report six times in a row.


Terminus Group is intended to empower the global smart and digital economy with AIoT technology by making decisions with long-term vision and keeping rational mindset for the future. 

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