Terminus Group’s TacOS 3.0 AIoT platform to boost ‘Digital World’ adoption

Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, had announced its proprietary TacOS 3.0 platform, the first of its kind city-level AIoT operating system, will promote the goal of comprehensive sustainable development through a dedicated application for urban digital interconnection and interworking, so as to optimize the intelligent process of the digital world.

Commenting on the platform's latest features, Terminus Group Chief Scientist, Dr. Yang Yang, said: "The development of the digital world will follow the path from digitalization to automation, and then to intellectualization. The digitalization focuses on the improvement of productivity and production efficiency, automation focuses on the improvement of enterprise competitiveness and living standards and, finally, intellectualization will focus on the improvement of creativity and new cognition.

"Based on the development of IoT technology and infrastructure, users demands in the digital world are constantly changing, which is one of the key challenges to developers of smart cities. To this end, Terminus Group has been encouraged to create a user-centric, intellectual network architecture to provide users with innovative and sustainable AIoT services and enhance their intellectual cognition, in the digital world," Dr. Yang continued.

City-level operating systems such as TacOS 3.0 can comprehensively manage software and hardware resources and functions in digital infrastructure, and effectively solve the core problems such as real-time fault alarming, systematic process, and smart services optimization, among other functions. Essentially, city-level operating systems are the "nervous system" of an urban digital and intellectual foundation, ensuring urban sustainable and intellectual implementation and user experiences services in several different scenarios.

Taking the case of Shanghai Tianlin Smart Community as an example,Terminus Group's TacOS and AIoT technologies help the community achieve digital and intellectual management of home care security, outdoor accident warning, garbage classification, while also helping elderly and younger residents to live a more sustainable and intelligent urban life.

Terminus Group Founder and CEO, Victor Ai, said: "Bridging the digital gap and providing digital and intellectual services for both the elderly and youth demographics has become a consensus of agreement, in the industry. The value of a smart city in the digital world is not only reflected in the improvement of efficiency, but also in the use of AIoT technology to break down barriers among sectors, achieve the optimization of productivity, production relations, production factors, and bring sustainability, happiness and well-being to workers and residents. This is the direction we have been working towards and we feel it is the right one to pursue further."

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