Terminus Group AIoT solutions improves urban transportation green and smart development

Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, deeply supports the digital and green operation of Hefei Metro in Anhui Province. The southern extension of Hefei Metro Line 4 has officially opened, with a total length of 13.97 kilometers and 8 stations. Terminus Group has upgraded two of the stations of the southern extension line by its LLMs-driven energy-saving smart management solutions and AIoT devices, to help the local stations improve management efficiency and achieve highly flexible and sustainable operation.



Hefei Metro Line 4


The Hefei Metro Line 4 crosses the city from west to northeast and covers main passengers flow and distribution, with nearly 100 million annual passengers volume, which requires high emergency and highly efficiency management capabilities and green and smart operations of the stations along the line.


Terminus Group joined hand with ecosystem partners from industries and academics, such as China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Co., Ltd., Hefei University of Technology, and Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Ltd, to jointly improve the digital and sustainable operation of Hefei Metro. Regarding to the characteristics of urban rail transit and driven by LLMs technologies, Terminus Group has developed customized solutions for the various scenarios of Hefei Metro Line 4, applied its self-developed OriginSYS smart platform and a series of AIoT devices such as AI engines and SDC distributed intelligent controllers combined with digital twinning technologies, to optimize the stations functions of the Metro.


By comprehensively managing various facilities and system with deploying energy-saving solutions, Terminus Group helped the stations to achieve timely analyze of energy consumption, load, as well as environment automatically adjustment. The company modularized and simulated the air conditioning system, optimized the water and electricity transition and distribution system of computing room of the stations, and created a customized and efficient refrigeration machinery room solution which can achieve more than 10% energy efficiency compared to regular computer rooms operation. By integrating various AIoT digital information, Terminus Group also helped the HVAC and water supply and drainage flexible operation of the stations, improved the energy supply and demand balance of the Metro. Terminus' technical solutions promoted the green and safety of the Metro’s environment quality, improved passengers travel experiences, and achieved collaborative energy-saving optimization and smart management, enhancing the benefits of low-carbon and sustainable operation of the urban transport development.


Terminus Group had also deeply participated in the green and digital upgrade of the southern extension of Hefei Metro Line 3. In the future, collaborating with ecological partners, the company will further strengthen its AIoT capabilities to comprehensively improve the smart and flexible management of various urban scenarios and promote industrial sustainable development, such as in the field of transportation, economy, education, medical, and more.


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