Terminus Group green and smart AIoT technology supports Jiading New City sustainable and digital development

Terminus Group, the global smart services and AIoT solutions provider, will support the sustainable smart and digital upgrade of Jiading New City in Shanghai. The project consists of the establishment of a City Information Modeling (CIM) platform, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, and an AI toolbox, with which Terminus Group will enable Jiading New City to become as a benchmark of green and smart cities in Shanghai and internationally.


In line with Terminus Groups' business philosophy, the concept of Jiading New City revolves around vitality, sustainability, and intelligence, aiming to create a novel community with human-centric smart and convenient lifestyle in the future.


Targeting the smart and sustainable development needs of Jiading New City, Terminus Group will provide three capability platforms covering four signature application scenarios including transportation, maintenance, low-carbon operation, etc., and supply private cloud services for the community.


CIM platform: Based on geospatial holographic digital information, CIM platform applies GIS+BIM technology to community and urban operation management. Leveraging digital twinning technology, the system is able to overall monitor and manage various facilities and equipment within urban area in real time.


IoT platform: Connecting various IoT devices within an urban area, Terminus group has developed an unified IoT platform to improve the efficiency, reduce the costs, and mitigate the risks of urban operation, as well as support the sustainable development of smart cities.


AI Toolbox: The AI toolbox provides Jiading New City with ubiquitous analysis capabilities and smart application services. In particular, the AI toolbox is equipped with Intellisense capabilities, with which the toolbox can sense all changes (i.e. weather, environment, etc.) within the community and identify risks in real time and help the community operators to take necessary measures in a timely manner. Moreover, AI toolbox also provides functions such as intelligent recognition, analysis and evaluation, to improve the efficiency of overall community management.


Terminus Group AIoT technology extends AI capabilities to serve various users through IoT and cloud edge collaboration. At the same time, platform-based technical services greatly enhance the accessibility of technology, enabling the smart and sustainable development of community and city.


Jiading New City is adjacent to the Jiading New City Station of Shanghai Rail Transit Line 11 with a total area of approximately 141600 square meters and a total investment of over ten billion yuan. Jiading highlights industry-city integration and is committed to developing competitive high-end industries and high-performance and precision smart and green digitalization.


Victor AI, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group said: "Terminus Group looks forward to taking this cooperation as an opportunity to further enable the green and digital market development in Shanghai and internationally, consolidate AIoT capabilities, and optimize solutions for national and worldwide users to tackle real world problems. We have a strong belief that together with a broad range of upstream and down stream ecosystem partners, we will unleash the infinite imagination of future cities globally". 

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