Terminus Group Inaugurates Its MENA Headquarters in Dubai

Dubai, September 22 - Terminus Group has officially inaugurated its first MENA headquarters in Dubai. The inauguration ceremony connected the MENA headquarters with the Beijing and Chongqing headquarters of the company. Mohammed Al Hashmi, Chief Technology Officer of Expo 2020 Dubai, and Nadimeh Mehra, the Vice President of District 2020, joined Victor AI, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Terminus Group over the cloud to witness the moment.


(Terminus Group's MENA headquarter inauguration ceremony in Dubai)

Victor pointed out that the inauguration of the MENA headquarters marks the further expansion of the company's global deployment. "Dubai is a bridge that connects the east with the west. With our newly launched headquarters in Dubai, we hope to work with the city and our partners including Expo 2020 Dubai and District 2020 to create an open innovative ecosystem that further brings the vitality of the new age and new technologies to the area and the world," Victor stated.


(Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, at Terminus Groups' MENA headquarter inauguration ceremony in Chongqing)

During the ceremony, Mohammed Al Hashmi expressed congratulations to Terminus on the opening of its new MENA headquarters: "What Expo 2020 Dubai has with Terminus Group is more than just a partnership, it's a long-term alliance for the region and for the future that reflects the ties between UAE and China, politically, economically, and technologically. We're now only days away from the opening of Expo 2020 Dubai and we look forward to sharing our mutual adventures in human-centric innovation. Together, we’re going to excite the world."


(Mohammed Al Hashmi, Chief Technology Officer of EXPO, at Terminus Group's MENA headquarters inauguration ceremony in Dubai)

In 2020, Terminus Group was announced by Expo 2020 Dubai as one of its Official Premier Partners and the only Official Premier Partner from China. The company's partnership with Expo consists of two phases. For the first phase, the company has provided Expo with its comprehensive AIoT capabilities and solutions, including 152 programmable robots that will deliver services such as sterilizing and catering. And in the second phase, following the Expo, the company will work with Expo to build a smart city in the District 2020 special zone, assisting the digital and intelligent transformation of the area.

The inauguration of the MENA headquarters is a concrete step towards the fulfilling of the company's commitment to Expo as well as the company's global ambition. "Terminus Group has always been a company with global vision. We strive to leverage innovative AIoT technologies to tackle real-world challenges, alter future urban development, and finally benefit every person who lives in a city. Hopefully, the inauguration of our headquarters in Middle East and North Africa region will be the beginning of our global exploration and a great starting point of our successful story in the future", said Victor.


(Terminus Group's MENA headquarter inauguration ceremony in Beijing)

As the opening of Expo 2020 Dubai is drawing near, both Victor and Mohammed Al Hashmi expressed their great expectations towards the six-month long mega event and welcomed people around the world to participate in the largest event ever held in the Arab World, physically or virtually.


(Terminus Group's MENA headquarter inauguration ceremony in Dubai)


(Terminus Group's MENA headquarter)


(Terminus Group's MENA headquarter)


(Terminus Group's MENA headquarter)


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