Terminus Group Founder and CEO Victor AI creatively announces technological-driven future habitat solution at Web Summit Qatar

Victor AI, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, was invited to attend and deliver a speech entitled "AI CITY: The Next Habitat on Earth" at Web Summit, the world’s technological Olympia, in Doha, Qatar.  


Over four days, the summit has attracted over 15,000 attendees from more than 110 countries, including government officials, entrepreneurs, investors, startups, media, and the next generation of leaders reshaping the world. It is the event’s first-ever summit in the Middle East, notable speakers including H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, Prime Minister & Minister for Foreign Affairs of Qatar, Bernardo Ivo Cruz, the Secretary of State for International Trade & Foreign Investment of Portugal, Ashwini Vaishnaw, Minister for Railways, Communications, Electronics & Information Technology of India, and Mohammed Al-Hardan, Head of Tech Qatar Investment Authority.



Victor AI, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, delivers speech at Web Summit Qatar


Exploring "ideal habitats" by technology is a long-term and shared proposition for social development and human well-being. Victor AI shared his thoughts with global audiences, delving into the intricacies of urban evolution. He illustrated how humans have utilized technology to transform their habitats from ancient times to modern society, analyzed the challenges of land, energy, and production scarcity on Earth, and creatively introduced Terminus Group’s technological-driven solutions and the original definition of future habitat: SPACE, which stands for Sustainable, Perceptible, Autonomous, Customized, and Energetic.


Sustainable: Future cities will fully adopt renewable energy and comprehensively apply technologies such as carbon management and carbon sequestration to minimize the impact of urban operations on nature and ensure the long-term healthy development of human habitats.


Perceptible: Based on AIoT technology, smart devices deployed in various urban scenarios in future cities will have perceptual capabilities - people no longer need to work hard to adapt and integrate into the environment they live in, and the city will be able to perceive and adapt to people's needs.


Autonomous: Through deep learning, future cities will be able to learn and know user habits, and offer autonomous services based on their timely reactions. When the city detects a user fainting or similar accidents, it will trigger an alarm and automatically call an ambulance, greatly improving emergency management efficiency.


Customized: With a multi-level innovative network architecture, future cities will be able to provide tailor-made, customized services for each user, instead of offering monotonous and standardized services. The marginalized needs of vulnerable groups will also be fully considered.


Energetic: Based on the four features and capabilities: sustainable, perceptible, autonomous, and customized, people will be able to embrace and enjoy a more energetic, innovative, and greener exciting lifestyle in future cities.




From Mesopotamia civilization, to Nile River nurtured Egyptian civilization, and Yellow River nurtured Chinese civilization, the exploration for more suitable habitats has always been a vital driving force for mankind. In the modern society, global innovation institutions, enterprises, and designers are applying technologies to explore future habitats and cities development, such as Saudi Arabia’s NEOM project, Woven City in Japan, sustainable metropolis Telosa in U.S., and AI Cities in China created and developed by Terminus Group.


As the global leading smart services and AIoT solutions provider, Terminus Group has put the above “SPACE” concept into real implementation and has enabled smart industrial parks that integrated the “SPACE” capabilities in Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, China, and globally.


As the only Official Premier Partner with Expo 2020 Dubai from China, Terminus Group provided more than 150 AIoT-enabled smart robots and brought smart cities technologies to the six-month event, serving nearly 30 million international visits and more than 100 countries leaders, showcasing a customized, innovative, and low-carbon driven capability for futuristic area.


Victor AI believes that the successful delivery of Expo 2020 Dubai is not the endpoint. Following the event, as one of the key partners, Terminus Group was confirmed to be the first ‘anchor tenant’ in Expo City Dubai. They joined hands with partners from the GCC area, including Bahrain and Qatar, and explored cooperation opportunities in Singapore and Australia. Moreover, they established new relationships in Africa and Europe, bringing the world a new generation of solutions for the ‘Digital and Sustainable Eden’ while continuously promoting the development of green and innovative future cities based on the 'SPACE' concept.


Victor AI further explained how the key to the implementation of the “SPACE” concept lies in the deep integration of AI and IoT technology. Based on the deep understanding of the Earth for human habitat and a comprehensive exploration of future cities needs, Terminus Group has developed a full stack of AIoT products and solutions integrating hardware, system, model, application, and devices layers, and proposed a technical path to promote the deep implementation of LLMs in urban scenarios through multimodal LLMs and systems. For vertical scenarios in cities such as energy, construction, transportation, and finance, Terminus Group has deeply integrated LLMs technology with its city-level operating system to create a 1+N multimodal large model product system with AIoT capabilities. The related products developed by Terminus Group has been applied in various global smart industrial park projects and national green transition and innovative future cities development.



Victor AI, the Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, delivers speech at Web Summit Qatar


Recently, Terminus Group had officially inaugurated its International Headquarters at the heart of Expo City in Dubai, UAE. Terminus International Headquarters will play a vital role to develop customized AIoT solutions for urban industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and energy in Middle East region, and work closely with ecological partners to create a more sustainable, perceptible, autonomous, customized, and energetic future cities across the globe. 

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