Terminus Group distinguished scientists leading technologies exploration for improving cities green and smart development

With the ongoing development of Terminus Group's core business as a global smart service provider, world leading scientists and industrial top talents are laying the foundation of the company’s R&D structure and becoming an integral part of developing the cities of the future – the AI CITY.


Terminus Group's 3 scientists were listed on World's Top 2% Scientists by Stanford University and Elsevier for 4 consecutive years since 2019, includes Dr. Xian-Sheng HUA, the company's CTO, Dr. Ling SHAO, the Chief Scientist of AI and the President of Terminus International, and Dr. Yang YANG, Chief Scientist of IoT, showcasing their high global influence in scientific exploration.


Dr. Ling SHAO had also been named on the "Highly Cited Researchers" 2023 list for six consecutive years since 2018. Earlier this year, Dr. SHAO honored with Mohammed bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Distinguishment, the highest scientific recognition in the UAE, showing his invaluable contributions to society and the role in shaping the future through innovation and scientific research.



Dr. Ling SHAO, Chief Scientist of AI of Terminus Group and President of Terminus International


With the large-scale commercial development of 5G and AI technology, the era of the Internet of Things, digitalization and networking intelligence is most certainly already upon. Dr. Yang YANG beliefs that the era of smart intelligence will usher in a growth of computationally intensive applications. And the 6G network architecture will be able to bridge the digital divide by enabling the development of intelligent devices and services for users needs.


To this end, Dr. YANG introduced a new 6G network architecture that will allow service providers to create a personalized and high-quality service experience for their users:

1. Service Requirement Zone (SRZ) - helps service providers identify the various requirements of their customers.

2. User Satisfaction Ratio (USR) - measures the overall satisfaction of users and then provides a final system performance report.

3. Multi-level network architecture - to achieve high-quality of experiences (QoE) and improve the USR of 6G users, which consists of a multi-functional node (mNode) and an integrated heterogeneous system. This includes a smart localization AI service platform that can be used to address the specific needs of different users.



Dr. Yang YANG, the Chief Scientist of IoT of Terminus Group


In recent years, the performance of LLMs and ChatGPT has undoubtedly pushed AI to a new level. As a "veteran" who has been involved in the research on AI for more than 20 years, Dr. Xian-Sheng HUA believes that the accelerated iteration of AI benefits comes from the breakthrough development of its three core elements - algorithms, computing power, and data. The strengthening of AI capabilities will also promote the enhancement of human beings' ability to recognize, adapt, and develop the real world. One way in which this can be realized and supported is through the smart operating system TacOS (Terminus AI CITY Operating System), a proprietary software platform created and developed by Terminus Group.



Dr. Xian-Sheng HUA, CTO of Terminus Group


Terminus Group had upgraded TacOS to the 3.0 edition, directly supporting urban digitalization and implementation of urban scenarios with green and low-carbon development at its core. As a city-wide, digital operating platform, TacOS is a platform for enabling urban infrastructure digitalization, IoT hardware and spatial digitalization. When all these elements are combined with smart energy, this creates the foundation for enormous industrial marketing opportunities.


Leading by world top scientists, Terminus Group optimized its technologies and products for improving industrial digitalization and cities smart and sustainable development. One of its core products is AI CITY, which has been successfully implemented in Chongqing, Wuhan and Sichuan Deyang.


Chongqing AI CITY: A benchmark of cities green and smart management


Terminus Group's Chongqing AI CITY is the company's first flagship product, leading the concept and facilities optimization of its AI cities structure, and has become a national benchmark of cities green and smart management.


Starting its operations in 2021, Chongqing AI CITY had upgraded four concept pillars to face the coming AGI era: Integration of digitalization and reality, intelligent evolution, green and low-carbon operations, and human-machine co-existence.


To be specifically, the Chongqing AI CITY can achieve digital twinning of various elements and scenarios of human, vehicles, objects, buildings, environment, and events, enabling comprehensive mapping between the real world and the digitally twinned world; Machines are fully integrated into human work and social lives, transforming from auxiliary tools into helpers for improving work efficiency and enhancing well-being, becoming an indispensable part of everyday lives; Achieving flexible strategic scheduling of all time, all space and all scenarios for connected objects and events, allowing the physical space to be continuously optimized based on the user's identity, habits, and demands; Automatically tracking energy flow and carbon output, promoting efficient energy consumption and conservation and supporting sustainable development at the macro level.


The updated four concept pillars are also working in tandem with Terminus Group's proprietary TacOS 3.0 platform, providing an overall comprehensive, integrated and connected smart intelligence for cities economic and smart development.



Terminus Group Chongqing AI CITY


Wuhan AI CITY: A carbon neutrality space with smart operation


Terminus Group's Wuhan AI CITY is a low-carbon industrial area driven by energy saving strategy through technology and management. It attaches particular importance to the implementation of PEDF (Photovoltaic, Energy storage, Direct current and Flexibility) technology and a series of smart end-to-end devices and self-developed AIoT-based solutions as a whole. 


Leveraging its AIoT technology endowment to innovate and create solutions for energy-saving and carbon reduction scenarios, Terminus Group Wuhan AI CITY has officially had the national carbon neutrality certification.


In addition, the Terminus Group's Wuhan AI CITY is dedicated to supporting the development of e-commerce businesses through the establishment of a dedicated live streaming area, promoting companies operations and enhancing the economic development of the city.



Terminus Group Wuhan AI CITY


Sichuan Deyang AI CITY: Enabling industrial-applied talent cultivation and SMEs development


Terminus Group's Deyang AI CITY had established an AI Computing Centre (AICC), becoming a key highlight and dynamic contributor to the advanced technologies industry.


AICC is a clear platform for driving collaboration between educational institutions and the AI industry and bridging the gap between the developing technical know-how and upskilling the startups and SMEs. The alignment of industrial AI applications with academic research clearly signals Terminus Group's ambition to not only remain at the forefront of R&D in the sector, but to develop AI within a practical context that supports the industry financial ability, as well as continuously improving the quality of output in the AI field across industry verticals around the world.


From an aesthetic perspective, Terminus Group Deyang AI Park, the first phrase of its Deyang AI CITY, referred to as the "Little Diamond" due to its curved exterior glass facade and unique operating characteristics, had listed on the iF Design Awards 2023, showcasing the recognition for its future city design and smart city facilities as well as the way it integrates technology into the architecture environment.



Terminus Group Deyang AI CITY


In the future, Terminus Group will continuously combine its advantages of R&D with industrial-applied products and solutions, use AIoT technology to achieve the optimization of productivity, unleash AI Cities aggregated capabilities to enable cities green and digital development, and help human beings to live a more sustainable and smart urban life.

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