Expo and District 2020 leadership meet Terminus Group CEO to plan post-event strategic co-operation

AI CITIES and smart urban digitisation among areas of collaboration discussed

Dubai, UAE, 30 March 2022: With the end of Expo 2020 Dubai approaching, Victor AI, the founder and CEO of Terminus Group, and the Expo Dubai 2020 and District 2020 leadership team held a meeting today to discuss their post-event strategic co-operation, with Terminus Group looking to take a lead on the development of AI CITY platforms, both in the UAE and the region.

Present at the meeting were Dr. Tarek Shayya, Executive Vice-Chairman of the board of directors, Expo 2020 Dubai; Mohammed Al Hashmi, Chief Technology Officer, Expo 2020 Dubai; Sanjive Khosla, Senior Vice President of Transition Unit, District 2020; and Nadimeh Mehra, Vice President District 2020.


Expo & District 2020 leadership team and Terminus Group senior management in conversation with Terminus Group founder and CEO, Victor AI.

During the meeting, held at Terminus Group’s new regional HQ at Expo 2020, Dr. Tarek, said: "We are honoured to have partnered with Terminus Group and have been extremely impressed by the company’s smart technology offerings, as well as the seamless and efficient way in which it has not only integrated its smart tech into Expo 2020, but also enhanced the visitor experience – beyond all expectations.”


Executive Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Expo 2020 Dubai, Dr. Tarek Oliveira Shayya, discusses post-event strategic co-operation with Victor AI, founder and CEO of Terminus Group.

Terminus Group, the AI and IoT (“AIoT”) company and Official Premier Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, famous for developing Expo’s orange robot mascot, Opti, is actually a specialist AI CITY developer, with robots just one part of its much wider offering.

Mohammed Al Hashmi, Expo 2020’s CTO, added, "Expo 2020 Dubai has been an unrivalled platform for showcasing the world's cutting-edge technology to global visitors, businesses, and international governments alike; and this has been achieved in abundance with Terminus Group.

“The use of smart technology solutions, such as robots based on Terminus Group’s proprietary AIoT technology, has really brought to life how the future of urban living can seamlessly integrate with the latest technology, enhancing the convenience, lifestyle and well-being of residents in an AI CITY environment,” Al Hashmi concluded.


Mohammed Al Hashmi, Chief Technology Officer of Expo 2020 Dubai

During Expo 2020 Dubai, Terminus Group provided 152 automated, Titan Series robots, including 50 Opti robots, as well as the autonomous delivery robots used by Talabat for food deliveries, across the Expo site. It was also responsible for other smart solutions, including an AI-powered wireless network.

Speaking to the Expo Dubai 2020 and District 2020 leadership team via virtual link, Terminus Group’s founder and CEO, Victor AI, said: “We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support we have received from the Expo 2020 Dubai leadership team over the last six months, and we look forward to Terminus Group continuing to develop business from our new regional and international HQ in Dubai. By using the power of science and technology to enable smart, inclusive and sustainable lifestyles, we will be at the forefront of empowering future urban development across the UAE and the Middle East."

“The establishment of Terminus Group’s MENA headquarters, at the heart of Expo, soon to be District 2020, demonstrates our commitment to furthering our reach and extending benefits to companies and governments looking to take advantage of high-tech, smart solutions to enhance the liveability of the built environment for citizens, residents and workers,” AI added.

Terminus Group’s AI CITIES are under development internationally and the company is already a key anchor tenant at District 2020 – the legacy development of Expo 2020, which will include around 80 to 90 per cent of Expo site’s existing infrastructure.

With the meeting very much focused on future strategy, Terminus Group’s expertise in city-wide digital infrastructure planning and execution was seen as a clear advantage to the likes of District 2020 and other similar AI CITY developments across the region. Terminus Group’s particular emphasis on using proprietary smart service platforms to create and maintain low-carbon, sustainable smart cities, aligns with commitments already made by many governments to a zero-carbon future.

A key conclusion of the meeting was that, while Expo 2020 is coming to a close, the work of building the legacy begins immediately. All participants at the meeting agreed that the seamless partnerships that were brought to life over the last six months are something that all parties intend to continue through further cooperation well beyond 31st March 2022.

With several commercial deals, partnerships, and MoUs signed as a result of Terminus Group being an official premier partner of Expo 2020, Victor AI reviewed and shared the achievements of the Group’s existing cooperation with Expo Dubai 2020 and District 2020 leadership team, as well as discussing its post-event role within District 2020. This mixed-use, urban development is set to becoming the region’s future tech hub, spearheaded by Terminus Group’s AI, IoT (“AIoT”), and city-wide digitalised platforms.


Nadimeh Mehra, VP-District 2020; Sanjive Kholsa, SVP-Transition Unit, Expo 2020; Dr. Tarek Shayya, Exec. Vice-Chair Board of Directors, Expo 2020; Mohammed Al Hashmi, CTO, Expo 2020; Snow Li, China Goodwill Representative; Lance Wang, VP-Terminus Group.

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