Terminus Group will evolve its AI City strategy in response to Expo 2020 Dubai

The fact of having been selected as the official premier partner of the world's top Expo event will certainly make the company different. But how? Perhaps Terminus Group could serve as a good example given the news about the company's most recent undertakings. Expo 2020 Dubai announced Terminus Group as its official premier partner on Jul 2. As a matter of course, the cooperation has triggered some important changes for Terminus Group.

More rapid technological progress and more diversified solutions offered

More than 150 smart robots will be deployed at Expo 2020 Dubai, together with Opti, the mascot robot designed by the company solely for the purposes of the Expo, they will interact with visitors from various countries by allowing multi-modal interaction, 5G connectivity, AI mapping and object detection, and other related technologies. The aforementioned robots will be also fully capable of providing services such as greetings, interactions with the visitors, information inquiries and catering delivery.

Terminus Group introduces a variety of AIoT terminal products, among which the company's robots seem to draw more and more domestic and international attention. Taking into account the local climate in Dubai as well as the high demands of Expo 2020, Terminus Group has put its Titan series robots to the test. All reliability tests were carried out in multiple high-intensity and high-temperature environments. To everyone’s satisfaction, Titan robots managed to withstand over 4 hours of continuous work at an outside temperature of 60℃.

In addition, Terminus Group has conducted a modular transformation of its robotic devices in order to incorporate even more core functions, including the world's most advanced integrated chassis for indoor and outdoor usage. The aforementioned chassis, being the result of the research done by Terminus Group's independent R&D department, is installed in all Titan robots, so that they can seamlessly work in both indoor and outdoor areas. Furthermore, multi-touch screens, anti-fall technology, AI mapping and object detection technologies are all applied.

Terminus Group's smart solutions have also been further improved in cooperation with Expo 2020 Dubai. It has been reported that Terminus Group would establish its first overseas headquarters and R&D center in Dubai, the location being the previous Expo venue, which will would be re-designed into District 2020 (D2020) after the Expo event concludes.

At D2020, Terminus Group will mostly focus its efforts on further developing its core product lines and AI/IoT systems, at the same time providing its substantial support and knowledge exchange programs, financing opportunities, and investment initiatives by teaming up with local leading tech experts and scientists. More importantly, Terminus Group will also set up an accelerator in the R&D center to incubate AI and IoT start-ups. Various cultural backgrounds, market environments and different needs of local urban communities will inevitably require Terminus Group to provide more diverse smart solutions. The company will use its AIoT technologies to initiate this cooperation and fully engage in the overall design and construction of D2020.

Boosting market recognition accelerates the construction of AI City Network

Becoming an official premier partner of Expo 2020 Dubai certainly opens up bigger market opportunities for Terminus Group, and could prove to be a great driving force in increasing the company's total market share both domestically and internationally. At present, a disinfection robot based on the integrated chassis for indoor and outdoor use has been already developed and has been widely recommended to more customers in the public management sectors.

As a tech company that has been deeply involved in developing end-to-end smart solutions over the course of the years, Terminus Group's biggest ambition is to establish a global AI City network. Including Dubai D2020, Terminus Group has built five AI City projects up to date. As per the company's AI City blueprint, the advanced AI CITY network would be a global one: connecting cities through facilitating information and cultural exchanges between the cities and entire countries, creating the networks of interconnected cities and as a result – making urban agglomerations global.

It is a matter of utmost importance for Terminus Group to win the trust of more cities in the process so as to effectively explain and elaborate on its proposed products and smart solutions. Without a shadow of a doubt, becoming an official premier partner of Expo 2020 Dubai will create great opportunities for the company, being the crucial milestone for every fast-expanding tech enterprise. Taking advantage of the premier partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai, Terminus Group will open the new chapter in the company's history and mark its presence in the international arena.

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