Terminus Group AI CITY Solutions Turning Future Vision into Reality

The needs of AI CITY under the pandemic

Black swans do not happen often, but once they do, such as the pandemic stoked by coronavirus, they remind us of how crucial the city management in the face of the crisis is, which also plays an important role in the process of AI CITY construction. 

The whole idea of the AI CITY revolves around the citizens' ability to enjoy the online-based public services as well as the infrastructure to their full extent. AI CITY provides invaluable benefits of cloud computing to make full use of the spotted information scattered within the city. Terminus Group's AI CITY solution makes its priority to take every possible edge of the technology to take the lead of AI CITY-related innovations and therefore turn its vision of the future into reality.

To fight against the epidemic, Terminus Group announced a CSR event called Huolei Initiative in February this year to leverage AIoT technology, providing different lines of scientific and technological anti-pandemic products, mobilizing resources to the communities impacted by this coronavirus.

Convenience and security improvements in AI CITY

In order to satisfy the needs of different groups of people, such as public transportation participants, and other, more specialized users of the city solutions, like large-scale building operators, and so forth, the AI CITY development seems to be crucial.

Terminus Group transforms traditional buildings into smart ones to facilitate people’s life and the city's production capabilities. Equipped with multiple subsystems such as vehicle access service systems, comprehensive facility equipment management systems, standard modular operation management systems, and energy consumption management systems, to name just a few – the company remains the industry’s pioneer in defining what it calls 'the comprehensive smart neural system'. Smart buildings, including Zhengzhou Qianxi Square, Wuhan Greenland Center, the tallest building in Central China, and Imix Park Complex - are all shining examples of Terminus Group's innovatory technology. 

In terms of smart fire prevention systems, Terminus Group's comprehensive solutions stand head and shoulder above those offered by its competitors. As per current industry standards, as of 2020, it normally takes between 5-60 seconds for an average fire prevention system to notify the person in charge about the occurrence of fire, while it only takes Terminus Group's system one second to complete the whole process. With its own hardware product system + AIoT integrated management platform, Terminus Group has created a complete ecosystem of intelligent fire protection solutions. Providing prevention-oriented second-level warnings, interconnected equipment, and real-time monitoring – the system is more than capable of satisfying exclusive fire protection needs of the company’s most demanding clients.

More to be developed in modern cities

As a new model and a brand new concept of modern city operation, the idea of AI CITY supported by a multi-domain integration of the business processes focuses on providing comprehensive network communication infrastructure, which is an inevitable, next stage of the long-lasting evolution process of modern cities. Besides the future perspectives the idea brings and the strategic goals already achieved, there is still much to be developed and improved within the city itself, since we strongly believe that each corner of a city offers great potential yet to be discovered.

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