Expo 2020 Dubai passes on 100+ years of its tech heritage to Terminus Group

Expo 2020 Dubai, which has been recently postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, once again released major news by announcing its Official Robotics Partners on Jul, 2nd. Terminus Group, the AIoT market leader from China, has now officially become a premier partner of the event.

With regard to the partnership, Victor Ai, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, said: "Terminus Group and Expo 2020 Dubai share the same vision of shaping an interconnected world to technicalize the networks between individuals and facilities. Undeniably, AIoT technologies can incredibly enhance the cities' resilience especially in the era of post-pandemic."

Up to date, Expo 2020 Dubai has nominated 12 world-wide companies as its Official Premier Partners. In contrast to previously announced Siemens, Cisco, SAP, and Accenture, all of which provide infrastructure and preparation process architecture solutions, those of Terminus Group will be possible to directly interact with, allowing the visitors of the event to experience and fully enjoy the human-like communication with the machines, which has never been practiced.

By translating cutting-edge technologies into immersive experiences provided to the users, the company proudly shares its exciting vision of the future to come.

Centennial Expo: An unparalleled exhibition of the collective achievements of the humanity in technology

Ever since The World Expo was introduced, it has quickly become an exhibition where the technologies way ahead of their time were crossing their paths with ever-growing demands of the private sector. Many world-renowned products and companies chose to debut at the Expo:

In 1853, Elisha Otis, an American engineer, presented an escalator he had invented at the New York World’s Fair, the forerunner of The World Expo, which is considered to be the prototype of what we know as the modern elevator today.

In 1876, the Philadelphia World Expo witnessed the launch of 'Corliss', the world's largest steam engine at that time, and the release of the four-channel telegraph invented by Thomas Edison.

In 1878, at the Paris World Expo, the telephone invented by Alexander Bell and the electric lamp invented by Thomas Edison were presented for the first time.

In 1889, again at the Paris World Expo, cars manufactured by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler were unveiled.

In 1904, at the St. Louis Expo in the United States, the aircraft invented by Wright brothers was first time introduced.


In its 160 long years of history, The World Expo has always been regarded as 'the Olympic Games' of the world's economy, technology, and culture. The event has been widely known for encouraging people to demonstrate their creativity, showcase new concepts, new ideas and new technologies.

More often than not, the technologies and products presented at the World Expo would make a significant impact on both everyday life and the technological development of entire societies and countries for decades to come. By that means, the World Expo has great potential in terms of introducing the visitors to the futuristic vision of the world, and therefore actively engaging them in understanding how our life in a not-so-distant future might look like.

Expo 2020 Dubai, themed "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future", carries on with its long tradition in regards to presented cutting-edge technological solutions.

Visitors will find themselves surrounded by the latest technological bells and whistles, they will be provided more opportunities to have a taste of what the artificial intelligence really is, they will explore the endless possibilities that the Internet of Things, 5G, autonomous driving and modern green agriculture can provide.

Last but not least, more than 150 smart robots will be deployed by Terminus Group on-site, together with Opti, the newest mascot robot designed by the company solely for the purposes of the Expo.

These robots will interact with the visitors from various countries by multi-modal interaction, 5G connectivity, AI mapping and object detection, and other related technologies. They are will be also fully capable of providing services such as greetings, interactions with the visitors, information inquiries and catering delivery.

The latest announced tech partner: Terminus Group uses AIoT technologies to build AI Cities

Approximately 25 million visitors are expected to visit the Expo 2020 starting from its opening day taking place on Oct, 1st, 2021. While enjoying the services provided by Terminus Group's smart robots, the visitors might not be able to fully comprehend the fact that the services offered stand for just a tiny fraction of the entire scope of smart services the AI Cities may provide in the future.

With the ever-increasing development of AIoT technologies, urban life solutions based on artificial intelligence will fully bloom in various sectors not necessarily limited to the aforementioned Expo event. The services provided include sectors such as transportation, energy management, security, fire protection, finance, retail, tourism, etc.

Smart robots, which can be perceived as the nerve cells of the digital network, will become the entry access points to the comprehensive digital AIoT platform provided by the company. They will be fed with the information provided by the external environment and simultaneously make decisions based on the input. Furthermore, they will interact with individuals through personal terminals such as charging piles and building access checkpoints.

Following the plans of the Expo, after the event concludes, 80% of the venue will be re-designed into the famous District 2020, the all-purpose innovative digital ecosystem. It is already established and agreed upon that Terminus Group will set up a Research and Development Centre, which will be the company's first-ever branch outside of Mainland China. Together with other world's top companies, the company's goal is to transform the 438-hectare venue into a model of a global smart city of the future.

According to Victor Ai, the Expo itself is a scaled-down version of the future 'AI City' the company will build, where the visitors will be able to find themselves in shoes of its temporary urban residents. The visitors will be able to experience the comfort and human-like interactions created by the 5G networks and AIoT technologies while visiting the pavilions, wandering around, and enjoying their leisure time.

As one of the premier partners of Expo 2020 Dubai, Terminus Group, mostly specializing in AIoT technologies, will make its utmost efforts to provide smart services to the venue and make the Exp's 'AI CITY' an unforgettable experience for all those who decide to be a part of the event.

'Expo 2020 Dubai will be an incredible platform to display unmatched possibilities that global innovations can bring into our life, closely followed by re-designing of the venue which will make it even more spectacular and meaningful in the long-run. Terminus Group will redefine the future of the cities with its leading AIoT technologies and will work hand in hand with other technology-focused partners to explore the future possibilities of smart technologies', Victor Ai summed up.

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