CTO of Expo 2020 Dubai: Terminus Group as the successor of the Expo heritage

Mr. Mohammed Al Hashmi, CTO of Expo 2020 Dubai, has recently expressed his excitement in regards to the cooperation between the Expo and Terminus Group:

'Terminus Group is an undisputed leader and pioneer in AIoT technologies, and this is one of the reasons why we decided to join our forces together and make Terminus Group our last Premier Partner. It comes as no surprise that we hold high expectations of the company, and we truly believe that Terminus Group, along with other partners, will be fully capable of presenting the full potential of the most disruptive future technologies.'

In regards to the aforementioned collaboration, Victor Ai, Founder, and CEO of Terminus Group, shared his recent thoughts on the topic:

'As a pioneer company equipped with cutting-edge technologies, Terminus Group shares the same vision with Expo 2020 Dubai. Our mutual ambition is to make Expo 2020 Dubai the greatest futuristic show the world has ever seen. What's more, it's an honor for me and my team to have an opportunity to present our technological achievements and therefore serve visitors from around the world.'

In addition to the recently established premier partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai, Terminus Group also signed a long-term lease of District 2020 for the purpose of subsequently re-designing the venue into the first AI City of the future.

According to recent studies, today's city life falls short of citizens' ever-increasing expectations of more substantial advancements in the field of technology. 'Terminus Group is the company established solely for the sake of developing and refining AIoT technologies, utilizing of which helps our business enterprise resolve the burning issues and inefficiencies of the individuals, the organizations and the governments alike', Victor Ai added.

The concept of 'AI City' describes an urban space that leverages the newest technologies to increase and improve the overall efficiency and quality of the services as well as facilitate the life of its residents. AI City initiatives cover a whole range of services, from power distribution, transport systems, street lights, to waste management. The idea is to take full advantage of technology to make everyday life easier and better for the people who live and work in the city while maximizing the use of resources.

AI City uses a combination of the internet of things (IoT) devices, software solutions, user interfaces, and communication networks. However, it relies first and foremost on the IoT, which is a network of inter-connected devices.

In contrast to the traditional model of the city, the interconnected digital networks which the AI Cities' information distribution is based upon, develop as a result of the technological progress. AI Cities will become an opportunity for countries with ambitions to be the catalysts of change around the world in the future.

For 170 years, the World Expos have become an unparalleled exhibition of the collective achievements of humanity in the field of technology, where the technologies way ahead of their times were crossing their paths with ever-growing demands of the private sector. Many world-renowned companies and products such as an elevator, a steam engine, a telephone, an electric lamp, and an aircraft, had their origins in the aforementioned exhibitions.

"We will welcome countries to showcase their latest innovations and the event will be a unique opportunity for the visitors, the audience, and for other countries, to see what the future holds in terms of the development in the field of technology", Mohammed Al Hashmi said.

Urbanization is expected to increase even more in the coming years. Terminus Group is heading towards enabling full synergy and harmony between the public spaces and digital infrastructures that will serve them. It's the company's goal to get engaged in the process of creating a better future for the generations to come by contributing to the development of the cities and empowering their communities.

"AI City is created from the ground up, and I think we have a bumpy ride ahead of us. Nevertheless, there is an old Chinese saying: 'so the day will assign a duty to us, will first frustrate, harass'. I truly believe AI City is a sunrise industry, and as a company, we have all it takes to provide confidence to all those who are willing to become a part of a big change that is coming", Victor Ai summed up.

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