AI CITY: a step forward to turning future vision into reality

Need of AI CITY under the pandemic

Each lasting chaotic disaster nowadays reminds us of considering about city management that matters a lot when facing a crisis. Absolutely, city management is also an important section in AI CITY construction. An AI CITY is whether citizens can rely on the Internet to enjoy public services and infrastructure to the fullest extent, rather than doing some imagery projects that are only suitable for leaders to investigate. AI CITY is conducive to the transformation of local government management functions. In addition, the benefits of big data and cloud computing are to link the originally scattered different information islands and improve efficiency. Terminus Group AI CITY solution is finding every way to take the lead of AI CITY establishment tide and turning future vision into the real world.

In a rescue operation called Terminus Huolei Initiative, in early April, Terminus Group cooperated with Qatar Airways to provide technical assistance to this country and offered types of scientific and technological anti-pandemic products.

Convenience and security boosted in AI CITY

In order to satisfy the production and living needs of different groups such as the disadvantaged groups, public transportation participants, special mission groups--firefighters, large-scale building operators, etc. AI CITY development is necessary.

Terminus Group can transform traditional buildings into smart buildings to facilitate people’s life and production. Multiple subsystems such as, vehicle access service system, comprehensive facility equipment management system, standard modular operation management system and energy conservation management system are all part of the building's comprehensive "smart upgrade" neural system. Smart buildings including Zhengzhou Qianxi Square, Wuhan Greenland Center, the tallest building in Central China, and Imix Park Complex, etc., are all benchmark customers of Terminus Group. 

In terms of smart fire protection, from judging the fire to issuing an alarm to notify the person in charge, it currently takes 5-60 seconds in the industry, while Terminus Group only takes 1 second to complete. With its own hardware product system + AIoT integrated management platform, Terminus Group has created a complete set of intelligent fire protection solutions, which can achieve prevention-oriented, second-level warning, equipment interconnection, real-time monitoring, and can provide exclusive fire protection according to customer’s needs.


More to be developed in modern cities

As a new model and new concept of modern city operation and governance, AI CITY is based on the complete network communication infrastructure, massive data resources, multi-domain business process integration and other information and digital construction. It is an inevitable stage of the development process of modern cities. Besides this positive prospect, there is still much to be discovered and developed within a city, since each corner of a city has great potential to serve citizens better.

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