01 Robotics Expert


1. Oversee robotics R&D; create the overall plan for the product innovation system and see through its implementation; constantly improve product functions and the design of robots; facilitate product evolution, optimization and iteration according to the robot application scenes, market competition and company's business development; determine the positioning of robotic products in terms of their application, function and category to meet customer demand, fully supporting the company's key project.

2. Formulate the development strategy for the R&D of robotic products and see through its implementation according to the company's strategic goals; facilitate the implementation of the company's overall strategy and improve the company’s standing in the AI field.

3. Lead the robotics R&D team to build the key technology architecture platform; complete the design, operation, and management of all robotic product lines in the R&D center; facilitate product evolution, optimization and iteration according to the results of product implementation, so as to achieve the company’s goal of AI product innovation and R&D, and contribute to achieving the overall strategic goals of the company.

4. In-depth understanding of machine learning algorithms and architectures of robotic products currently available in the industry, and be able to track the latest progress; mentor experience in projects applying automatic control, personalized recommendation, image processing and NLP voice technologies.

5. Oversee the product management system, constantly optimize the organizational structure, allocate outstanding engineers, and improve the efficiency and innovation of product development to accommodate to the company's robotics R&D strategy.

5. Evaluate projects and set schedules for key research projects according to the robotic product plans; and ensure timely and successful completion of the projects.


1. A minimum of 10 years’ R&D experience in robotic products and intelligent products; influencers in the related fields; engagement in national-level scientific research projects, laureates of international scientific and technological awards, and demonstrated achievements in scientific research and previous work.

2. Exemplary R&D ability and demonstrated achievements in machine learning and computer vision; experience in leading or participating in famous AI product R&D or open source projects.

3. Excellent team managerial ability and forward-looking vision to explore cutting-edge technologies; managerial experience in leading R&D teams with more than 60 people, and good coordination and communication skills.

4. Advocates for professional ethnics; extensive social connections with professionals in the high-tech industries; passion for tech innovation and academic exploration; good communication skills and resource integration ability; tech resources in the high-tech field (preferred).

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