01 Artificial Intelligence Scientist


1. Oversee the innovation and R&D of the company's AI product lines; lead the AI lab (algorithm scientists and AI engineers) in innovating, developing and commercializing machine learning products in industries such as communication, the Internet, IT and other vertical industries.

2. Focus on the standard-based and open platform framework to offer complete product sets and solutions for various scenes.

3. Lead and operate the company's AI lab to promote the integration of AI with communication, the Internet and IT technologies, and apply AI creatively in new fields, new industries, and new technologies.

4. Develop AI solutions for various scenes based on the features and functions of the new products built on the company's existing AI platform, and facilitate extensive applications of AI in 5G and vertical industries.


1. Doctorate degree (preferred) or master’s degree (graduated with distinction or merit) in communication, information technology, electronic engineering, computing science, mathematics, statistics and other related fields.

2. A minimum of 8 years’ experience in communication, the Internet, IT, AI or machine learning fields; a minimum of 5 years’ managerial experience of R&D teams.

3. Excellent team leadership. Preferably previous team leaders of machine learning/data science/AI projects in communication operators/equipment suppliers/Internet companies/IT companies.

4. Rich research and practical experience in AI, machine learning, data mining, mobile communication and other related fields.

5. In-depth knowledge of communication or the Internet industries, including application experience of AI and machine learning technologies in communication networks, terminals, the Internet, chips or in vertical industries.

6. Strong scientific research ability, preferably contributors to major scientific research achievements that have been published in top international conferences or journals.

7. Excellent team management and problem analysis skills, forward-looking mindset, creativity and critical thinking;

8. Excellent writing and oral communication skills in Chinese and English, and good interpersonal skills.

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