02 Senior JAVE Architect


1. Oversee the development strategy and technical planning of the company's overall cloud platform; create plans for operation, maintenance, security and other divisions.

2. Manage and establish tech teams at different levels; leading teams to implement annual work plans and achieve their annual goals.

3. Build an industry-leading, stable, efficient and secure cloud platform with the company's characteristics; effectively support the implementation of business planning, accelerate cloud platform construction, and facilitate the company to obtain and secure the industry leadership in its core businesses such as AI, IoT and big data.

4. Control the pace of business development; support the application of technologies in products and their stable operation; and constantly improve customer experience of the platform product.


1. Proficiency in Java/JavaScript/SQL/XML/JSP/velocity; mastery of common open source frameworks such as Struts/Spring/Hibernate/Ibatis; knowledge of MySQL and other mainstream databases, and the ability of SQL performance tuning.

2. Knowledge of weblogic and WebSphere applications and server configuration; familiarity with micro-service architecture; and proficiency in springboot and springcloud.

3. Good knowledge of mainstream frameworks such as front-end Web development and vue; design and development experience in large-capacity, high-performance, high-concurrency and distributed system (preferred); good communication skills, and the ability to propose appropriate solutions and suggestions based on previous project experience.

4. Bachelor’s degree or above in computing science, electronics and other related fields.

5. A minimum of 7 years' development experience.

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